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Big Download's News Bits & Bytes - March 25

It's the weekend, finally, and after a long work week its time to relax with some shooting in Crysis 2, some sword action in The Sims Medieval and some stealth action in Assassin's Creed Brotherhood. What are you playing this weekkend?

Download: Crysis 2 Day 1 Patch

This day 1 patch for Crysis 2 addresses a number of gameplay issues and bugs based on player feedback, including the complete removal of the auto-aim system from the PC release. A full list of changes can be read after the jump.

Download Crysis 2 Day 1 Patch (35 MB)
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Crysis 2 PC multiplayer workaround revealed

Crysis 2 for the PC has been out for a couple of days in the US but apparently a number of players have been having issues with the multiplayer serial key in Crytek's latest sci-fi shooter. Some players have been getting error messages stating the multiplayer key was already in use when that was not true.

While Crytek has yet to issue a patch to correct this issue, publisher Electronic Arts has issued an easy workaround procedure that should solve the problem for those players:
  • Go to multiplayer and type in your key
  • Navigate back to Single Player
  • Go back into multiplayer and re-enter your key


Crysis 2 trailer saves New York

It's fairly rare to see a developer get a song for their game's trailer, but such is the case with Crysis 2. This launch trailer has an extremely catchy song and all the footage you would expect from a launch trailer: using the suit, cool cinematics, aliens, and the ruins of a devastated New York City. Perhaps the most-used element is smashing shit up. From air stomps to landings on glass canopies to kicking a guy into an air conditioner, there is a lot of smashing.

Download Crysis 2 Launch Trailer
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Crysis 2 for PC gets day 1 patch; no DirectX 11 graphics support at launch

Folks who have bought and installed Crysis 2 on their PC gaming rigs today have a couple of unexpected twists. The first is a day 1 patch for Crytek's first person shooter that automatically downloads when you first start the game. The community message boards has a patch list of what's fixed or changed including re-enabling the console and putting in cheat detection.

The other unexpected news is that at the moment Crysis 2 does not yet support DirectX 11 graphics. While the game still looks good even in its current DirectX 9 version, PC gamers who have high end hardware will likely be disappointed that all the promised bells and whistles are not in place. We have emailed the game's publisher Electronic Arts to find out when Crysis 2 will be updated with the promised DirectX 11 support.

Crysis 2 Easter Egg video shows off some moves

Crysis 2 is due for release on Tuesday and fans of developer Crytek's previous first person shooters are anxious to install and play the full version of its latest game. We expected to shoot a lot of aliens and use the Nanosuit a lot ... but we never expected this.

And by "this" we mead this Easter Egg that shows up in the game ... somewhere ... that lets us encounter a couple of interesting characters doing ... something ... in the elevator. No, it's not quite as bad as you might be thinking but it's still sort of odd to see in a "M" rated shooter. Maybe this is a new direction for Crytek's next game.

This Week In PC Games: March 21-27

It's a huge week for PC gaming fans as a ton of major titles are planned for release in the next seven days. The week includes the latest title in the acclaimed sci-fi shooter series, a spin-off of one of PC's best selling franchises, a PC port of 2010's best console game and the latest game in the Lego series.

Crysis 2 - Crytek's sci-fi shooter series comes back for its third stand alone game (Crysis and Crysis Warhead were released first) as the man in the Nanosuit fights off an alien invasion in the urban jungle on Manhattan Island. It's also the first game that will use Crytek's CryEngine 3.

Crysis 2 trailer goes on a superhuman slaughter

It's only a few days from release, but we are still getting some delectable footage of Crysis 2's single-player. In this case, it's an unnamed sequence that starts off with a rather impressive stealth kill. Tons of suit abilities, such as armor mode, stealth mode, superhuman sprinting and jumping, and on-the-fly weapon customization are shown. it also gives us the first glance at how you change armor modules mid-game. Overall, if you are still skeptical about your Crysis 2 purchase, this is definitely a trailer to watch. Although we can't help but feel like the player was never in any real danger.

Download Crysis 2 'Experience Part 3: Gatekeepers' Trailer
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Crysis comic book mini-series announced

crysis 2With Crysis 2 due out next week, comic book publisher IDW has just announced that it will release a six issue mini-series based on Crytek's sci-fi shooter series. The first issue of the monthly series begins in June.

The story tells the story of what happened in between the events of Crysis 1 and 2 so we should finally know exactly what happened after the incident on the Pacific island. The comic is written by Richard Morgan who also wrote the script for Crysis 2 and will be drawn by Peter Bergting. IDW previously published a Dragon Age mini-series for publisher EA.

Crysis 2 running and looking good on a sub $600 PC? Yep

crysis 2
With the full version of Crysis 2 due out next week some PC gamers may be concerned that their gaming PC rig won't be able to run the sci-fi shooter very well. Now graphics chip maker Nvidia has decided to promote its newly announced budget graphics card, the $150 GeForce GTX 550 Ti, by using it as the graphics source to make a sub $600 gaming PC that can run Crysis 2.

The web site goes over all of the parts you will need to purchase to assemble the PC and shows Crysis 2 benchmarks for the finished system. The result was solid and playable frame rates for the system on high resolutions settings and "Advanced" graphics settings. The higher Hardcore graphics setting pushed the framerate down below 30 fps for the system but overclocking the graphics card pushed the framerate for Hardcore just above 30 fps at 1680x1050 resolution. Nvidia has listed a couple of sub-$600 gaming PCs that are already on sale that have similar hardware inside.

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