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Download: Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Patch #3

This patch for Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit fixes a large number of issues that cause the game to crash using specific video cards. It also includes improvements from all previous patches. Continue reading after the jump for the full patch notes.

Download Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Patch #3 (101 MB)
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Confirmed: No future DLC support for Need For Speed Hot Pursuit for PC

On Friday, Electronic Arts confirmed to Big Download that the PC port of the recent racing game Need for Speed Hot Pursuit would not be getting the Super Sports downloadable content pack. Now a member of the game's development team at Criterion Games has confirmed on the game's official message boards that the PC port won't be getting any DLC content at all.

According to what the developer stated in the post, " ... we have a limited amount of resources that makes it so that we are unable to deliver new content to all platforms." He did add that, " ... we do have more updates and content on the way for PC players" but no details were provided.

You may remember that 2K Games decided not to offer the final two DLC releases for BioShock 2 but after a massive outcry from fans, 2K Games reversed their decision and
"have reallocated resources to work on completing the project."

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit PC won't get newly announced DLC

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit was developed by Criterion Games for Xbox 360, PS3 and the PC. However it's looking like PC owners of the recent racing game may not get the chance to partake in the game's upcoming DLC content. Today publisher Electronic Arts announced that the first DLC pack, which will feature three new cars along with a number of new race events, will be release for the Xbox 360 and PS3 on December 21.

However Big Download has confirmed with an EA PR rep that the DLC pack won't be released for the PC port. So does that mean that PC owners of the game won't be getting any of the DLC releases? The same EA PR rep told us, "We don't have any more info about DLC at this time."

Hot Pursuit trailer wants you to free the cars

Hot Pursuit has finally hit store shelves, and the developers want you to know that it's got a fine selection of cars and crashing. That's what the gist of this trailer is about, and it shows some of the pretty cars. It also gives a glimpse into the praise that it has received. Overall, though, it's more of a commercial and not really informative whatsoever, so it's a trailer that is easily skipped. After all, it's more fun to learn about a game than simply watch some random advertisement.

Download Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 'Free Cars' Trailer
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Need For Speed Hot Pursuit to get second PC patch soon

Last week developer Criterion Games issued its first PC patch for its recent racing game Need For Speed Hot Pursuit. Now comes word from the game's official web site that a second patch is in the works. As the patch note states, "With the second patch, we're getting into the really nitty-gritty, picky stuff that make the difference between a good game, and a great one."

Some of the bug fixes slated for the patch include one which random tree images start popping up on screen when a player hits the alt-tab button and another where controller set-ups for wheels and pads are not saving correctly. There's also a crash that happens with some AMD Radeon cards that will be fixed in an upcoming Radeon graphics driver update.

Hot Pursuit trailer goes into the creation of commercials

Those interested in the creative process behind videogame marketing will definitely want to take a look at this trailer, as it offers great insights into just how much goes into even a simple trailer or commercial. In this case, said commercial is the car chase for Hot Pursuit, which includes the two signature cars for the game: the Pagani and Lamborghini. It talks about the importance of choosing two specific cars to represent the game, how the commercial was shot, and the people involved. In other words, it's a trimmed down "making of" video that's very informative for those interested in the more menial side of marketing.

Download HD Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 'Making of Pagani vs Lamborghini' Trailer
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Need For Speed Hot Pursuit PC patch coming next week

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit's PC owners have been dealing with a few bugs since the driving game was released last week. Today the game's official message boards got an update from Matt Webster of developer Criterion Games with word that a PC patch is on its way and should be available to download sometime next week.

The patch will address several issues including crashes with some users with multi-core processors, with Webster stating, "Interestingly we're actually intrigued that the game works at all after our investigations with the problem actually manifesting itself in code that we shipped as part of Burnout Paradise." The patch will also fix missing rain, sun and corona effects in the game and will add support for the D-BOX motion control chair.

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit won't get PC demo

if you were hoping to see how the latest game in the long running racing game series would look and run for the PC before the game itself is released for the PC, you will just have to settle for getting the game itself. Electronic Arts has announced that the Xbox 360 and PS3 ports of Need For Speed Hot Pursuit, developed by Criterion Games, will be getting a downloadable demo on Tuesday. However Big Download has confirmed with EA PR reps that the demo won't be coming to the PC platform.

This represents a rarity in the over 20 year history of the Need For Speed franchise as most of the game's releases have seen the PC platform get a demo version. The only recent Need For Speed game that didn't get a demo was Need for Speed Undercover which didn't get a demo release for any of its versions. Meanwhile the full PC version of Need For Speed Hot Pursuit is due for release on November 16.

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit trailer steps on the gas and runs through its features

For those who need a quick run down of all the features that makes Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit one of the most anticipated racing games to release this fall, this trailer should fill you in nicely. Players can get ready to jump into exotic cars and dodge to cops (or chase down racers and bust them as the cops) when the game releases on November 16th.

Download HD Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 'Hot Pursuit Uncovered' Trailer (94 MB)
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Hot Pursuit trailer gets into an arms race

More autolog from the Hot Pursuit guys! While the previous trailers have focused mostly on the racing aspect of Hot Pursuit, this one gives a solid look into the police portion of the game: taking out racers through means both standard and strange. Three of the cop's toys are shown in this trailer: EMP, helicopter, and spike strip. Only roadblock is not shown. Beyond the new methods of taking down cars, there's not much to see. It's a standard race, just with car-wrecking goodies and a quota of destroyed street racers to achieve.

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