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Operation Flashpoint Red River launch trailer goes to war

While Operation Flashpoint Red River is due for release in the US on June 7 it's already been released over in Europe. That means that Codemasters' latest entry in the military shooter series is getting a launch trailer that shows off some of the game's action in full effect.

The trailer introduces us to the game's four playable characters and their favorite weapons and tactics (it's no shock to learn that the scout likes to use the sniper rifle). We also get to see quite a bit of action in the game's large outdoor environments. It's going to be long wait for us in America before we get our hands on this game.

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Red River trailer shows the joys of co-operative play

This is the kind of trailer we love to see. It's entirely composed of in-game footage depicting Red River's multiplayer, and while the editing is shaky and a little incoherent, it still has a lot of content for players to chew into. Trailers that have this much footage of actual game mechanics are a treat, and we recommend that anybody interested in the latest Operation Flashpoint title give it a look. There's tons of squad mechanics, vehicle attacks, and bleeding out to catch your attention.

Download the Operation Flashpoint: Red River "Multiplayer" trailer
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Dirt 3 to get interesting party style modes

Dirt 3 is due out on May 24 but the off-road racing sim from developer-publisher Codemasters has some interesting tricks up its sleeve for its fans this time. Rock Paper Shotgun has some details of three new "party" modes that take the racing game to some interesting directions.

An example is Outbreak where one car is "infected" and can touch other cars to make them infected as well. The last car who isn't touched by the infected cars is the winner. Another mode is Transporter, a variation of Capture the Flag where the flag tend to spawn in different and random locations.

Our favorite is Invasion where we will be called upon to defend the earth against robots. Well, the robots are cardboard cutouts but you get the idea. The goal is to run over these robots without hitting the (also cardboard) skyscrapers as well.

Operation Flashpoint Red River gets delayed to June 7 in US

Operation Flashpoint Red River is going to keep its weapons on "safe" for a few more weeks in the US. IGN reports that the North American release of the latest game in the long running military shooter series will be delayed.

While no reason was given for the delay, Codemasters has apparently confirmed that the US release date will be pushed back from its planned April 26 release date to June 7. However those of you living in the UK will be happy to know that Red River is still scheduled to shop in your neck of the woods on schedule on April 24.

Dirt 3 trailer unveils dangerous new cars

Group B cars have apparently been banned from rally racing for quite some time, due to the danger of accidental death being far too high. That's not enough to stop Codemasters, however, and Dirt 3 apparently has these dangerous cars in a bracket of their own. After all, you can't die while racing a car in a game! We're not really interested in the racing scene, but we're sure fans of rally sport racing will love that Codemasters has added these cars to Dirt 3.

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F1 2011 trailer wants to hear your questions

The developer's behind Codemasters' latest racing game F1 2011 want to hear from you. Specifically, they want to see you ask questions to a camera, and they will pick their favorite questioners to give a tour of the studio. This trailer is just the information for this PR bit: make videos, get a tour. It's as simple as that. Not really worth it for anyone not into F1 2011 though.

F1 2011 due out in September

Codemasters' newest racing sim game franchise will get a second installment in September. MCV reports that F1 2011 will be released on September 23 for the PC and other platforms. Since that's on a Friday it's likely that the game will be released in the US a few days earlier or later.

Codemasters first released its first PC Formula 1-based racing game, F1 2010, last fall. Despite some issues with the game's AI that were fixed via patches later (along with post launch support for DirectX 11 graphics) MCV reports that the game was the most successful in Codemasters' history

Red River trailer makes the difficult decision to retreat

One thing many budding strategists forget to do is retreat their forces. After all, replenishing a damaged force is far easier than building a new force from scratch. The marines know that lives are too precious to be wasted, though, and this Red River trailer shows them doing what every strategist loathes to order: fall back. There's tons of game footage as well as a few bits of classic cinematics (guys all sitting around in a vehicle waiting for something to happen), but there's nothing here we haven't seen before.

Download Operation Flashpoint: Red River 'Taking the Hit' Trailer
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Red River trailer explores the life of Sergeant Kerby

The life of a marine is a rather difficult one. Being deployed to all sorts of hostile locations filled with murderous insurgents is hardly the ideal job for most people. But for Sergeant Kerby, one of the characters in Operation Flashpoint: Red River, it was a calling he couldn't ignore. While the trailer is sparse on new information, it does give plenty of slick in-game shots and a far more interesting voice-over than previous character trailers. Our only real complaint is the usage of the 9/11 terrorist attacks as a plot point.

Download Operation Flashpoint: Red River 'Sergeant William Kerby' Trailer
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Red River trailer changes focus to the Chinese

More story trailers for Red River approach! This time, rather than discussing the fighting between the insurgents and the Marines, it instead depicts the eventual conflict with China. After all, a sovereign nation can not simply let a foreign expedition trounce a neighboring country! The trailer paints a bleak picture for the Marines, but it's an interesting trailer nonetheless. We do wish there had been more on the overall objectives of the conflict (namely, how the Marines plan to drive back the Chinese.)

Download Operation Flashpoint: Red River 'Shifting Focus' Trailer
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