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New Civilization V DLC pack coming next week; massive patch in the works

Two more paid DLC packs for Civilization V are being prepped for released via various download outlets next week, according to Computer and Video Games. One of the DLC packs for Firaxis Games' 2010 turn based strategy game will add the Denmark civilization to the game along with a related new scenario. The other DLC pack will add 10 new maps to the game. Five of the maps will be based on real location while the other five are more scripted map environments.

In addition to the DLC packs, Firaxis is also working on a massive free patch to the game that should be released soon. The game's official message boards has a list of what is currently included in the patch, which will have a large number of AI, UI, graphics and other changes and bug fixes.

Big Download's News Bits & Bytes - March 28

Ah, Choplifter. Playing that game brings back a lot of memories. Mostly ones where we are drinking a lot of Coke and eating chips. Good times.

Big Download's News Bits & Bytes - March 3

Yet another busy day from GDC. It's great to hear that Minecraft and Amnesia, among other PC exclusive games, are selling so well and also gaining acceptance from game developers.

Civilization V gets massive patch update

civilization v
Civilization V players have finally received its promised and massive patch update to 2010's turn-based strategy game. The update, available via Steam's automatic patch updater, has a ton of new features, improvements and bug fixes for the Firaxis Games-developed title.

The new features in the patch include an all new building, the Aqueduct. 40 percent of food is carried over after a new Citizen is born with the new Aqueduct in place. There are numerous balanced changes in this new patch along with bug fixes and "significant turn time improvements" for the game's engine. As we reported earlier this week a new DLC update for Civilization V will be released on Steam this Thursday.

Civilization V to get DLC packs on Thursday including Polynesian civilization

civilization v
It's been a couple of months since the last DLC mini-expansion for Civilization V. Today publisher 2K Games announced plans to released both free and paid DLC for the recent turn-based strategy game from Firaxis Games. Both of them will be released via Steam on Thursday.

The paid expansion will add the Polynesian civilization to the game with you controlling the civ's leader Kamehameha. There's also a new scenario in the $4.99 pack which will let players control one of the four Polynesia kingdoms. In addition players will be able to download a free multiplayer map pack with three maps; the small Skirmish map, and two others (Ring and Ancient Lake).

[Via email press release]

Portal 2 pre-orders top Steam weekly top 10 PC game best seller list

Portal 2 started pre-orders on Valve's own Steam service last week and that caused players to start paying for the upcoming puzzle-shooter in droves. As a result, Portal 2 was the number one best selling PC game on Steam last week. Thanks to a weeked sale, Civilization V was the number 2 best selling game on Steam last week followed by pre-orders for the upcoming PC port of Assassin's Creed Brotherhood. The full top 10 list is as follows

1. Portal 2 - Valve
2. Civilization V - Firaxis Games/2K Games
3. Assassin's Creed Brotherhood - Ubisoft
4. Magicka - Arrowhead Game Studios/Paradox Interactive
5. Crysis 2 - Crytek/EA
6. Square Enix Complete Pack - Square Enix
7. Just Cause 2 - Avalanche Studio/Square Enix
8. Batman Arkham Asylum Game of the Year Edition - Rocksteady/Square Enix
9. Test Drive Unlimited 2 - Eden Studios/Atari
10. Call of Duty Black Ops - Treyarch/Activision

Steam has Civilization IV and V on sale this weekend; new patch notes for V revealed

This week is apparently the 20th anniversary of the release of Civilization, the first game in the centuries spanning turn-based strategy series from "game god" Sid Meier. It remains one of the most respected game franchises of all time. To celebrate, Steam has put the last two games in the series on sale for this weekend. Civilization IV The Complete Edition is now available for just $7.50 while the recently released Civilization V is now on sale for $29.99.

Speaking of Civilization V (and we were) the next major patch for the game is in the works and this week some partial patch notes were posted on the game's official message boards. There will be a bunch of balance changes in this update along with other changes and bug fixes. It should be released sometime in February.

Civilization V Mac finally gets paid DLC

Civilization V for the Mac was first released last November by Aspyr Media, about two months after its PC release. Now Mac fans of the turn-based strategy game are finally able to purchase and download all of the paid DLC packs that were released for the PC version of the game.

The web site currently has the DLC packs on sale (although they should show up on Steam soon). It includes the Americas, Asia, the Mediterranean and Mesopotamia map packs for $2.99 each or all four for $9.99. Also available is the Babylon Civilization pack for $4.99 and the Spain and Inca Civilization pack for $7.99. Finally Mac gamers can get the Mongol Civilization pack for free via download.

Exclusive: Civilization V's lead designer hired by Stardock

In a major hiring coup for Stardock, the developer of the Galactic Civilizations series and more recently Elemental: War of Magic has revealed exclusively to Big Download that it has hired Jon Shafer to its team. Shafer recently left Firaxis Games where he served as the lead designer behind the studio's most recent game Civilization V. In his new role, Shafer will be helping with the design and increasing mod support for Elemental. At some point in the future he will also be leading his own team at Stardock on an unnanounced new stand alone game for the developer.

Big Download also got to speak briefly with Shafer over the phone earlier today. He told us that he departed Firaxis Games on good terms and while he got a few offers from other studios he told us that he went to Stardock for a number of reasons. One is that he has been an admirer of Stardock's games for some time as a fan. Another is that he wanted to work wth a company that that the freedom to make the kinds of games he wanted to make. Shafer told us he could give out any info on what his stand alone project will be for the company as Stardock is still concentrating its efforts on updating Elemental, including the release of at least two expansion packs.

Shafer will be working with Stardock CEO Brad Wardell who will continue to work as Executive Producer of all of Stardock's game titles. As we reported back in October, Stardock hired Derek Paxton, the lead designer behind the well known Civilization IV mod Fall From Heaven, to serve as Senior Producer of Elemental. Shafer told us that Stardock has "lots of awesome stuff" planned for the future of Elemental.

After its rocky launch last August, Stardock has continued to update Elemental, including a massive free 1.1 patch that was officially released last December. More patches are in the works as two expansion packs to the game. Wardell has stated on the game's official message board that sales of Elemental have continued to rise in the last three months of 2010. In another message board post he gives a general idea of where Stardock plans to improve and expand the game, adding, "I approved the necessary budget in December to fund Elemental for both 2011 and 2011." In addition he states, "Stardock has some other game projects that start up this year as well and the publishing group is working on some new things as well. So it's going to be a pretty exciting year for Stardock gamers."

Civilization V's lead designer departs developer Firaxis

Jon Shafer, the man who was the lead designer and main gameplay programmer behind the acclaimed turn-based strategy game Civilization V has decided to depart the game's developer Firaxis Games. The strategy blog site Flash of Steel reports that Shafer, who worked at Firaxis for close to six years on a number of game projects, left earlier this month.

The blog also has a statement from Shafer who says he left Firaxis on his own and was not laid off by the developer's parent company 2K Games. However he does not say what his reasons were for leaving the developer at this time nor is there any info on his future plans.

[Via Gamasutra]

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