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Booth models that play games? Yep

When we and other web sites post up galleries of booth models for events such as E3 2009, it's always assumed that the models are there just for eye candy. Surely the babes know nothing about the products they are trying to sell, right? Well, not necessarily. CNBC's web site has a feature on a booth model agency that prides itself on hiring models that also happen to be gamers.

The agency, Charisma+2, was founded in 2008 by Yvonna Lynn (pictured above) who felt there was a niche to be filled by creating a company of models for events like E3, Comic-Con, QuakeCon and others. It can also be a way to break into the game industry. Lynn states, ""The main idea is to help these guys and girls get their foot into the door in an industry they normally would not have access to That's especially true with the ladies, because this is such a hard industry for women to break into."

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