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Borderlands' Claptrap helps make a marriage proposal

We have all seen movies and TV shows where the guy gets the Jumbotron operators to help ask his girl to marry him. This weekend the equivalent was done by a man who got Gearbox Software to create a custom video featuring Claptrap, the annoying but cute robot from Gearbox's Borderlands first person shooter.

Both the potential groom Ben and the possible bride Tora were big Borderlands fans so that makes this proposal video, as first shown on Kotaku, even nicer. And just so you know, Tora did indeed say yes to Ben after watching the video (surrounded by tons of friends, by the way,

Big Download's News Bits & Bytes - February 18

A time-travel game, a game filled with dinosaurs, a game about a zombie apocalypse, a game about modern day fairy tales, an "M" rated animated cop game, and a revival of a classic adventure game series. Is Telltale the most varied game developer in terms of its settings or what?

Boxing Day one day PC game sales show up on Steam

Some countries call December 26 Boxing Day; others simply call it, "A day to rest up after eating all that Christmas dinner." Whatever you call it the Steam PC game download site has a new batch of price cuts that will last until 1 pm Eastern time on Monday. Today's deals are all repeats of one day price cuts from Steam in the past week.

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light - $5.10
Wings of Prey - $5.99
Dead Rising 2 - $19.99
F.E.A.R. 1/2 - $9.99
Super Meat Boy - $3.75
Borderlands - Save 50 percent off original game and DLC
Assassin's Creed II - $14.99
The Witcher - $4.99
Mass Effect 1/2 - Save 50 percent off both games
Darksiders - $9.99
Battlefield Bad Company 2 - $6.80
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 - $29.99

Christmas Eve brings more Steam, Impulse and GamersGate one day PC game sales

The day before Christmas is the source of some last minute shopping by some. PC gamers have the opportunity to get some last minutes sales cuts from the Steam, Impulse and GamersGate web sites. On Impulse they have marked down Freedom Force Vs The Third Reich to just $4.99. GamersGate has Necrovision: Lost Company on sale today only for $4.99.

Steam has the following games that are all on sale from now until 1 pm Eastern time Christmas Day:

Overlord games - 75 percent off all games in the series.
Borderlands - 50 percent off game and all DLC releases
Torchlight - $4.99
Battlefield 2 Complete Collection - $5
King Arthur Complete Pack - $5.39
Devil May Cry 4 - $4.99
ArmA II - $9.99
Counter-Strike Source - $4.99
Saints Row 2 - $7.50
Fallout New Vegas - $29.99 or $24.99 if you own Fallout 3
Ghost Recon - 75 percent off all games in series
Sam and Max The Devil's Playhouse - $9.99

Steam breaks out the Thanksgiving holiday sales and wish list giveaways [Update]

As many of us are waiting for that 5 pm bell to ring to send us off on our four day vacation, the team at Valve has also let the dogs out on its holiday game sales on the Steam PC game download service. This time there are big price cuts on four games (two are in a bundle) that you can take advantage of.

One is the recent WWII RTS game R.U.S.E. which is now on sale for $33.49, a 33 percent cut from its normal price. Next up is the non-Game of the Year edition of Borderlands. It's now available for a mere $9.99 on Steam. Finally you can get a Deus Ex-Deus Ex Invisible War bundle on Steam for the tiny price of $4.99, or $2.49 for each game in the cyberpunk-themed RPG.

Update: It looks like Steam has a lot more games on sale today only. In addition to the games mentioned above it has Prototype for $14.99,Shank for $10.04, Counter-Strike Source for $5, Alpha Protocol for $7.50 and the third "season" of Sam and Max for $10.50. There's also an indie game pack of five games (Brainpipe, Galcon Fusion, Gridrunner Revolution, ProtoGalaxy and Quantz) on sale together in a bundle for just $4.99. There are also some gift pack deals for R.U.S.E., Borderlands, Half-Life 2 and Deus Ex. Valve is also letting folks create wish lists for Steam games and will select 30 people to give their top five games to them every day until November 29.

Borderlands Game Of The Year Edition comes to the Mac December 3

Borderlands has been a big hit for the PC platform since its release in October 2009 but Gearbox Software's first person shooter-RPG hybrid will soon be heading to Mac hard drive. Publisher Feral Interactive has announced plans to release a native Mac port of the game for a December 3 release date.

The Mac version is actually a port of the Game of the Year Edition which means Mac gamers will get access to the main game plus all four of Borderlands' downloadable mini-expansion packs (he Zombie Island of Dr. Ned, Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot, The Secret Armory of General Knoxx and Claptrap's New Robot Revolution). The game is priced at $49.95.

PC game titles get new daily and mid-week sales

Tuesday brings us some big price cuts on three PC games. Two of them are for today only while another lasts until Thursday:
  • Over at the newly revamped Games For Windows web site they have Gearbox Software's FPS Borderlands on sale today only for just $9.99, a 50 percent price cut.
  • Direct2Drive has the Grand Theft Auto collection (GTA III, GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas) on sale for just $7.50 for today online.
  • Steam has Zombie Driver on sale until Thursday for just $4.99. The game just got an update today that adds the free Blood Rage expansion pack

Big Download's News Bits & Bytes - November 15

Tomorrow Need For Speed Hot Pursuit is released. Thanks to the pre-release reviews praising this game we can't wait to get our hands on the PC port. Running down and crashing racers in million dollar police sports cars is pretty much the perfect game for us.

Big Download's News Bits & Bytes - November 3

Yet another busy day is finally over. Tomorrow Activision reveals its quarterly financial numbers and on Friday we get a reveal of the next Battlefield game. And you never know what else is coming up in the wings:

Download: Borderlands v1.41 Patch

This patch updates the retail release of Borderlands to v1.41. It increases the level cap to 58 for the main game and to 69 for players that own the General Knoxx expansion. Enemies and dropped gear will scale to the new levels as long as playthrough 2 is completed. Lastly, the patch includes some achievement glitch fixes. A separate patch is available for the German release and the list of changes can be found after the jump.

Download Borderlands v1.41 Patch (196 MB)

Download Borderlands v1.41 German Patch (196 MB)
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