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Big Download's News Bits & Bytes - April 6

Another day has ended. A new day is about to begin. Have you upgraded your PC lately? How about your graphics drivers?

Big Download's News Bits & Bytes - February 1

February 1 is the shortest month of the year but so far the end of the month seems so far, far away. Why is that?

Festivus brings us more Steam one-day PC game sales

Are you ready for the airing of grievances? Before you have your Festivus celebration with the silver pole and the feats of strength, check out the latest one day sales deals over at the Steam web site.

Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising - $3
Dead Rising 2 - $19.99 or $15.99 if you own Resident Evil 5
Alpha Protocol - $7.50
Risen - $14.99
Darksiders - $10
Blur - $14.99
Wings of Prey - $6
Silent Hunter - Save 66 percent of all games in the series
Deathspank -$7.49
Blood Bowl Legendary Edition - $19.99
Patrician IV - $7.50
Mass Effect 1/2 - 50 percent off both games

Big Download's News Bits & Bytes - December 22

For a day that's only a few days away from THE BIG DAY, we certainly had a ton of news to report. Hopefully tomorrow things will actually slow down a tick:

Blood Bowl Legendary Edition cheers you to gory victory

There is a lot of cheering going on in the newest Blood Bowl trailer, and it's mostly for the sort of bone-crunching violence one would see in your average action flick. The newest edition of Blood Bowl releases today, and it doubles the size of the team roster, letting you play as many different teams that were left out of the original release. This trailer shows off most of the teams and their cheerleaders, so if you are pumped for this newest expansion, we can guarantee you'll love this trailer.

Download Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition Launch Alpha Trailer
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This Week In PC Games: October 25-31

Katie bar the door! The last week of October is a witness to a flood of new PC games, most of which are downloadable only titles. In addition to the games listed below, the first official DLC for Civilization V is scheduled for release via Steam later this week.

Star Wars The Force Unleashed II - LucasArts is releasing the PC port of their action game sequel at the same time as the console versions this time out. Darth Vader's apprentice Starkiller is now out of his master's control as he uses his augmented Force powers to do a lot of damage.

Blood Bowl Legendary Edition reveals High Elf team

Blood Bowl Legendary Edition is set for its downloadable release next week and today the folks at developer Cyanide Studio and publisher Focus Home Interactive have revealed the 11th and final new team that will be added to this revamped version of the fantasy-themed sports game. The High Elf team are supposedly very good at Blood Bowl's passing and receiving game but they are also don't have a lot in the power department.

Just a reminder: owners of the first Blood Bowl can get a 30 percent discount when purchasing the new Legendary Edition of the game with its 11 new teams, a story mode and more. It's due for release on October 28.

Blood Bowl Legendary Edition getting vampires; more on game's transition

With just a couple of weeks to go before Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition is released, developer Cyanide Studio and publisher Focus Home Interactive have revealed yet another team for the expanded fantasy-themed sports game. The vampire team is not only strong and fast on the field but can hypnotize their opponents. They also can attack spectators for their blood. Ouch.

In related news, the official multiplayer servers for the original Blood Bowl game will be undergoing maintainence from October 19-26 to prepare them for the launch of all the new content in the Legendary Edition when it goes live on October 28. As we have reported before owners of the first Blood Bowl game can get a 30 percent discount when they purchase the Legendary Edition. People who pre-order the Legendary Edition by October 20 may get a chance to get the full game before its official release "in order to participate in the last server tests."

Blood Bowl trailer introduces new legendary races

Blood Bowl has been chugging along quietly on its platforms of choice, with the developer releasing new updates at regular intervals. First came the Dark Elves, a free expansion complete with a new stadium and a strategy guide to boot. Now there's the Legendary Edition, and while it's not free (even to players of Blood Bowl), it packs a ton of new goodies. The biggest addition is the inclusion of a whopping 9 new races, which doubles the Blood Bowl roster. This trailer shows off some of the new players and stadiums to expect from the new races, and we're impressed. If you want more Blood Bowl, we're sure this newest expansion will be a blast.

Download HD Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition Trailer
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