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BioShock movie adaptation stalled because of need for R rating

So what happened to all those plans for a BioShock movie? At one point it was reported that the film adaptation of Irrational Games' first person shooter was being held up by a budget that was too high. Now in a recent chat over at the movie's now former director Gore Verbinski we find out there was another reason for the delay.

According to him, "I couldn't really get past anybody that would spend the money that it would take to do it and keep an R rating. Alternately, I wasn't really interested in pursuing a PG-13 version." We can certainly see his point that any BioShock movie that would be true to the game's vision will indeed have to be bloody and scary in order to work.

Toy Fair 2011 shows off new Duke Nukem, BioShock and more game-themed action figures

The annual Toy Fair is happening right now in New York City and for the 2011 edition action figure companies are breaking out plans to release new figures based on current and upcoming games. NECA always has a ton of game-related action figures coming down the pike and has a gallery full of what the company is showing off at Toy Fair this year.

As you can see one of the upcoming NECA figures is a highly detailed Duke Nukem that's slated for release in April just before Duke Nukem Forever comes out in May. It also showed off some upcoming figures from its BioShock line and announced that in 2012 it would be releasing figures based on the next game in the series BioShock Infinite.

Over at Kotaku they have posted up a video showing off some current and upcoming collectible statues from Gaming Heads, who have previously released statues based on Valve's games. Upcoming products in the video include a Smoker Infected from the Left 4 Dead series and a Portal 2 turret. Gaming Heads is also working on more Valve-based statues including a Gordon Freeman statue from Half-Life 2 that we suspect will sell out quickly.

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Ken Levine completes his portion of BioShock novel

Irrational Games' head man Ken Levine has now completed the promised task of providing the forward for BioShock Rapture, the long awaited prose novel that will serve as a back story for the events in the BioShock and BioShock 2 first person shooters.

On his personal Twitter page, Levine wrote, "I wrote my tiny corner of the BioShock novel last night. Hard to describe the feeling of writing for Ryan again after 3 years." He's referring to Andrew Ryan, the creator of the underwater city of Rapture at the heart of the first two games in the BioShock series. When asked by another person if it was hard to write the character again Levine replied with, "It wasn't difficult, but I had to say something about him that I hadn't said already. I think I found a tiny, tiny new corner."

As we have reported before the BioShock prose novel was first announced back in 2009. John Shirley wrote the bulk of the novel
and it's currently scheduled to be released via Tor Books in July.


Bioshock: Rapture novel delayed again to July release

Last month we reported that Bioshock: Rapture, the upcoming novel that tells the back story of the first two Bioshock first person shooters, was finally scheduled for release in March. Now it looks like we will have to wait a few more months for the novel from Tor Books to be released. now shows that the novel has been pushed back until July 19. As we reported before, the novel is written by John Shirley but will have an introductory chapter by Irrational Games' head man Ken Levine. It is supposed to tell the story of how Andrew Ryan first created the underwater city of Rapture, the setting for the first two games in the series.

Big Download's News Bits & Bytes - January 22-23

Another week is almost in the books and next week we will see a boat load of PC games released. Yep it's time to start playing some games again:

Bioshock prose novel now scheduled for March 2011 release

Some of you may remember that back in 2009 plans were revealed for a prose novel to be written based on the Bioshock game series from developer Irrational Games. However the novel from publisher Tor Books pretty much from sight. Now and Tor's parent company Macmillan both have a new listing for the novel, titled Bioshock: Rapture, stating it will be released on March 1.

The novel is written by John Shirley but will have an introductory chapter by Irrational Games' head man Ken Levine. It will feature the back story of how the underwater city of Rapture was established by Andrew Ryan. The novel will be released both in hardcover and trade paperback format, each with different cover art work. The novel was supposed to be released around the time of BioShock 2's release in early 2010 but according to a post credited to Shirley on the 2K Games' BioShock message boards the decision was made to incorporate characters and plot points from Bioshock 2 into the novel. That caused an additional 30,000 words to be put into the book.

Mass Effect 3 trailer fights back against the Reapers

The biggest threat to face the Mass Effect universe is that of the Reapers. Merciless, emotionless biomechanoids, they exist only to harvest more sentient life to propagate their species. While there are no real concrete details for Mass Effect 3 yet, one of the obvious major plot points is the return of the Reapers. This trailer explores what this means, especially for the people of a battered and bruised Earth. While a British soldier is helping out all he can, Shepard is mysteriously absent from the fight, and it looks as if Earth will fall. All in all, it's a slick cinematic trailer, just as we expect for the initial reveal.

Download HD Mass Effect 3 Teaser Trailer
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GamersGate has boat load of PC games on sale for next week

The holiday season continues to be a good one for PC gamers looking for that next great sale. The PC game download site GamersGate already has a special deal where orders for four PC games will get the cheapest one for free. This week the site has put quite a few PC games on the price chopping block from now until the end of the day Sunday.

Some of the deals this week include the original BioShock for just $4.99, the original Dead Space for just $6.78, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Clear Sky for a mere $3.98, and Command and Conquer 4 for just $7.98. Keep in mind that GamersGate also has daily sales deals as well from now until Christmas Day.

December 1 brings more one-day only PC game sales

As we begin a new month, the daily sales events that will close out 2010 continue on various PC game download sites. Here are today's deals as we currently know them.

BioShock on sale for $1.99 today only at Games For Windows Marketplace

If for some reason you have never played the original BioShock, there's never been a better time to purchase and play this classic 2007 first person shooter from developer Irrational Games. The newly relaunched Games For Windows Marketplace web site now has BioShock on sale for a mere $1.99 from now until 1 am Eastern time on Sunday. That's a whopping 90 percent off its normal price.

Keep in mind that the web site already has the game's sequel, BioShock 2, on sale this weekend for just $9.99, There's also one more daily deal on the Games For Windows Marketplace web site that's set for Sunday.

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