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Civilization V Mac finally gets paid DLC

Civilization V for the Mac was first released last November by Aspyr Media, about two months after its PC release. Now Mac fans of the turn-based strategy game are finally able to purchase and download all of the paid DLC packs that were released for the PC version of the game.

The web site currently has the DLC packs on sale (although they should show up on Steam soon). It includes the Americas, Asia, the Mediterranean and Mesopotamia map packs for $2.99 each or all four for $9.99. Also available is the Babylon Civilization pack for $4.99 and the Spain and Inca Civilization pack for $7.99. Finally Mac gamers can get the Mongol Civilization pack for free via download.

Civilization V for Mac to officially support SteamPlay; still coming Tuesday

Civilization V will officially be released for the Mac platform on Tuesday via publisher Aspyr but until today it was unknown if the Mac port of the turn-based strategy game would support Valve's SteamPlay feature. Today Aspyr confirmed that thanks to user feedback the Mac port will indeed support SteamPlay. That means people who purchased the PC version will be able download the Mac port for free and vice versa.

Aspyr explained its decision by saying, "From the comments that poured in, it seemed clear that many of you had purchased the PC version, even though it was the Mac version that you really wanted, and either expected that Civ V Mac would support SteamPlay or that Civ V Mac would not even be released for some time." The Mac version will be made available on Steam and other download sites as planned on Tuesday.

Other aspects of the Mac port are detailed in the blog post including world that SteamCloud game save support would be coming sometime after the game's release. Unfortunately there will be no Mac demo of the game nor any support for mod tools for the Mac version.

Civilization V for the Mac to be released November 23

The Civilization series has always been a big favorite for Mac gamers and today it was announced that the latest game in the series, Civilization V, will be making its Mac debut on November 23. Aspyr Media is handling the publishing and development of the Mac port of Firaxis Games' turn-based strategy title. The system requirements for the Mac port include installing the Steam client which would suggest the Mac port will be made available on Steam at some point.

You can go ahead and pre-order the Mac port on Aspyr's web site for both the download and box copy versions. And if you pre-order the game you will be put into a special drawing to receive a boxed Mac version of the game's Special Edition that's signed by Mr. Civilization himself Sid Meier. Also, all of the previous Civilization games for the Mac are currently being sold on for 50 percent off.

Star Wars The Force Unleashed II PC system requirements announced

Star Wars The Force Unleashed II is released next week and unlike the first game in LucasArts' action game series the sequel will be released for the PC the same day as the console versions. The game's official Facebook page has now revealed the PC system requirements for the sequel.

The game is being ported to the PC by Aspyr Media and continues the story of Starkiller who was once Darth Vader's apprentice who has now rebelled against his former master. As with the first game, The Force Unleashed II is a single player only title. You can check out the PC system specs after the jump:

[Via Shacknews]

Activision Blizzard, Ubisoft, and Aspyr sued over PC DRM software

A number of game publishers have been hit with a lawsuit from a company that claims the publishers used their software products illegally. California-based Uniloc filed the lawsuit late in July against a number of companies including Activision Blizzard, Ubisoft and Aspyr Media.

Uniloc claims in its lawsuit that the above companies and others used software that violated one of Uniloc's software patents. The software in question registers on one PC so it cannot be copied on other PCs. The company claims the publisher's actions "have caused reparable and irreparable damage to Uniloc." The company is seeking an unspecified dollar number in damages.

[Via GamePolitics]

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II confirmed for PC via Asypr

When the announcement was made late in 2009 that LucasArts would be releasing Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II, the publisher didn't reveal any platforms for the game so we were unsure that the third person action sequel would be getting a PC port, at least right away.

Thankfully an info page on the game from LucasArts that was sent out to some game web sites has indeed confirmed that a PC port in in the works. The PC version is being ported by Aspyr who did the same job on the first Star Wars: The Force Unleashed game. For the first game PC players had to wait over a year after the console games were shipped before our version was released. Hopefully that won't be the case for the sequel which is due out on October 26. In the meantime the official box art for the game has been released. You can see a cropped version above; the full effect is over at the official Star Wars web site.

Large layoffs reported at Aspyr Media

Big Download has learned through several unnamed but reliable sources that Austin, Texas based game publisher Aspyr Media has laid off a large amount of its team members a couple of weeks ago. One of our sources estimated that over 50 percent of the workers were let go with only a handful of team members now remaining in the offices.

Aspyr Media began in 1996 as a major Mac game developer and publisher but has expanded over the years to include PC and console titles. This year it released several PC games including a number of titles from Russia-based 1C Company. Last month the publisher released Star Wars The Force Unleashed Ultimate Edition for the PC to retail stores and Dreamkiller as a Steam download exclusive. Most recently the company was responsible for the Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Network port of the original Call of Duty game. Big Download has both emailed and called Aspyr Media to get any official comments on their current situation.

Download full version of Stubbs The Zombie for free (really) [Update]

Well, what do you know? We talk a lot about downloading games on the cheap here at Big Download but there's also some games that that you can get for absolutely nothing. Today that list just got a new addition; Stubbs the Zombie. There is a way to get the 2005 released zombie action game from developer Wideload Games without paying a penny.

Head on over to Game Agent's web site; that's the PC and Mac game download store for Stubbs the Zombie's publisher Aspyr Media. When you see that game listed hit the "Download Now" button. In the promo code section type ASPYRTHANKS inside and activate it. POOF. That $9.99 game just turned into a $0.00 game. There's no word on how long the promo code will last, however, so we suggest grabbing it now.

Update: Looks like the free promotion is done. The game has gone up to $19.99 and the promo code knocks the sales price down to $4.99. Super-cheap . . .but not free.
[Via Worthplaying]

Dreamkiller trailer proves that the only thing to fear really is fear itself

The crazy over-the-top shooter Dreamkiller released as a Steam PC digital download exclusive today, and this trailer marks its launch. It looks like entering the minds of other to do battle with their worst nightmares comes with a high degree of risk and mortal danger. Good thing Alice packs plenty of anti-phobia firepower.

"Dreamkiller takes players deep inside the minds of the mentally disturbed as Dr. Alice Drake attempts to cleanse their conscious and subconscious of the demons that haunt them. Take the journey through over a dozen different patients, mindscapes and face off against the personal hell that torments each of them. With a myriad of upgradable weapons, Alice's own special abilities and non-stop enemy onslaughts. "

Download HD Dreamkiller 'Alice' Trailer (91 MB)
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The Week In PC Games: October 12-18

After a busy last few weeks, things on the new PC game release front slow down a tad for this week. In addition to the games listed below you can also get the Fallout 3: Game Of The Year edition this week which has the original game and all five previously released downloadable mini-expansions. Also this week comes another collection of previously released material, Lego Star Wars: The Complete Collection.

NBA 2K10: While EA has pretty much abandoned the PC market for its sports games, 2K Sports is releasing their latest pro basketball game for PC owners as well as their console audience. Sports game developers Visual Concepts are in charge of this title which has features like updates and news that will reflect the real NBA season.

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