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Download: Arma II v1.09 Patch

This patch will update any version of Arma II to v1.09, including the Steam release. However, it's recommended that Steam customers wait for the client to automatically update the game. The patch includes a number of bug fixes and gameplay fixes. Continue reading after the jump for a complete list of changes. A playable demo can be downloaded here.

Download Arma II v1.09 Patch (276 MB)
Download ARMA II Demo (2.84 GB)
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ArmA 2 Reinforcements announced for Europe retail release April 1

ArmA 2 fans who didn't want to download the last two expansion packs will be able to get them both in one stand alone retail product, at least in Europe. Developer Bohemia Interactive announced this week that it will release ArmA 2 Reinforcements on the other side of the Atlantic on April 1.

The game will combine the previously released expansion packs British Armed Forces (shown above) and Private Military Company. That will allow players to check out two separate single player campaigns along with lots of new weapons, vehicles and more. There's no word yet if ArmA 2 Reinforcments will be released for the US market.

New Year's Eve brings us some new one-day and weekend PC game sales

If you live in the Eastern time zone of the US there's just 12 more hours of 2010 left on the calendar. There's also not much time for the daily sales deals that have popped up for the month of December. Check out what you can save for today only and for one case for the weekend.

Big Download's News Bits & Bytes - November 30

Wow. We are just one month away from the end of 2010. Still no second manned Jupiter mission. Still no first manned Jupiter mission, actually. American and Russia, you have 31 more days to make our sci-fi dreams come true.

Big Download's News Bits & Bytes - November 18

It's been another super busy day for news today. Hopefully Friday things will get back to what is supposed to be normal. And then there's next week where we will have two super slow news days during the normal work week ... hey, we like eating turkey and Black Friday as much as the next person.

Download: Arma II v1.08, Operation Arrowhead v1.55, and British Armed Forces v1.01 Patches

These separate patches update the individual retail releases of Arma II to v1.08, Operation Arrowhead to v1.55 and the British Armed Forces DLC expansion to v1.01. These patches are for the retail boxed version of the game and will not work with the Steam release. Continue reading after the jump for a list of change highlights. Comprehensive notes are included with each patch. The playable Operation Arrowhead demo can be downloaded here.

Download Arma II v1.08 Patch (323 MB)
Download Arma II: Operation Arrowhead v1.55 Patch
(254 MB)
Download Arma II: British Armed Forces v1.01 Patch (3 MB)
Download Arma II: Operation Arrowhead Demo (2.5 GB)
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ArmA 2: Private Military Company DLC coming in November

The folks at Bohemia Interactive are continuing to offer downloadable mini-expansions for its military shooter ArmA 2. Today the company revealed its plans for the latest such release, Private Military Company, which takes the series into the dark and mysterious world of the modern mercenary group.

Due out in November for $9.99, the mini-expansion will add the new ION, Inc. playable faction to the game in a new single player campaign that will have the group investigating Takistan's (supposedly) shut down nuclear program. Look for new weapons and vehicles to play with as well. There's a little more info on Private Military Company via an interview at Rock Paper Shotgun.

ArmA developer acquires three (yes, three) other development studios

Bohemia Interactive, the Czech Republic-based development team behind the ArmA series of military shooters (as well as the first Operation Flashpoint game) has just announced that it has fully acquired three more Czeck-based game developers: Black Element Software, Altar Games and Centarui Production. Financial terms were not disclosed but the press release stated all three developers will work on their own game projects but will also work cooperatively.

Black Element Software has released action and first person shooter titles such as Shade: Wrath of Angels and Alpha Prime in the past. Altar Games is known for its X-Com inspired turn-based strategy games UFO: Aftermath, UFO: Aftershock and UFO: Afterlight. Centauri Production has released family-themed games as well as adventure titles like Memento Mori.

The newly expanded Bohemia Interactive is working on a number of upcoming games including the previously announced action-strategy game Carrier Command: Gaea Mission. A newly revealed title is Point of Ground, a third person action game with "tons of zombies". It also plans to continue supporting and developing its military shooter series.

Operation Arrowhead videos get you into mission creation

Those that love level creation will definitely enjoy these two Operation Arrowhead trailers. Well, actually, calling them trailers is a bit disingenuous. They are more along the lines of video tutorials, and they cover the modding system of Operation Arrowhead in quite some depth. The first tutorial, above, details the basics of mission creation: placement of objects, creating triggers, and linking events together. The second tutorial, below, goes into a little more detail with the scripting system. It's worth paying extra attention to the second trailer, as the developer does some tricks you might not notice if you just casually glance at it. While they aren't full of gameplay footage, they're intriguing regardless

Download: Arma II: Operation Arrowhead v1.54 Patch

The newest patch for Arma II: Operation Arrowhead updates the game to v1.54. Highlights include a trimmed down version of the British Armed Forced DLC expansion (called Arma 2: British Armed Forces Lite). All units, vehicles and weapons from the DLC are available with lower quality textures and audio files. You'll have to purchase the British Armed Forces DLC, available now, in order to gain access to high quality textures and audio.

This patch is for the retail boxed version of the game and will not work with the Steam release. Continue reading after the jump for a full list of changes. The playable demo can be downloaded here.

Download Arma II: Operation Arrowhead v1.52 Patch (141 MB)
Download Arma II: Operation Arrowhead Demo (2.5 GB)
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