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F.E.A.R. 3's release pushed back (again) to June 21

Yet another game originally scheduled for a release in May has now pulled out of that rather crowded month of new game releases. Publisher Warner Bros Interactive has confirmed that its horror-themed shooter F.E.A.R. 3 has suffered another delay and will now be released on June 21. That new release date has also been changed on retailer web sites such as Gamestop.

This is the latest delay for the Day 1 Studios-developed title. It was originally announced as coming out in fall 2010, then pushed back to March 2011 and then to May 24 before today's latest delay announcement.

F.E.A.R. 3 trailer gives us a look back at the story so far

The first two games in the F.E.A.R. series introduced us to the rather interesting mix of horror combined with first person shooter. Since the game series has a fairly extensive back story, this new trailer promoting F.E.A.R. 3 looks back in time to the first two titles created by Monolith.

It's all there: The strange supernatural girl Alma, the psycho mind fanatic Paxton Fettel and the character you played in the first two titles, the super powered soldier The Point Man. It will bring you up to speed before the new game from developer Day 1 Studios is released on May 24.

Download the F.E.A.R. 3 The Story So FAR Trailer at Big Download

New F.E.A.R 3 trailer shows off the game's multiplayer modes

F.E.A.R. 3's release date is coming up soon and this week the upcoming horror-themed first person shooter sequel revealed its many multiplayer modes. The new trailer gives you an idea about what these modes are all about.

One of the new multiplayer modes is called Contractions and is basically a survival mode where players have to face off against waves of enemies. By far our favorite mode, in terms of gameplay and title, is F***ing Run (and yes, that's is the actual name) where you have to keep running, shooting enemies ahead of you while avoiding a smoke wall full of death behind you. We will be running to see if F.E.A.R. 3 is good or not on May 24.

Download the F.E.A.R. 3 Multiplayer Modes Trailer at Big Download

FEAR 3 trailer says hello to mother

While the Point Man and Paxton Fettel are brothers, that didn't stop the Point Man from putting a bullet in Fettel's head at the end of FEAR. Still, there are times when one should move on from the past and work together with what was once an enemy, and apparently that time is now for the sons of Alma. This trailer for FEAR 3 may not show anything especially stunning, but what it does do is creep us out. Perhaps it's the excellent sound design, with all its glitches and droning noises. If the trailer is this disturbing, we have high hopes for the game!

Download FEAR 3 'Story' Trailer
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Batman Arkham City web site hints at pre-order incentives

Batman Arkham City will be getting some pre-order bonuses from various retailers but at the moment those bonuses are just being hinted at on the upcoming super hero action game's web site. We do know that people who put their money down on this game at GameStop will get an exclusive "Joker's Carnival" challenge map when the full game is released.

It also lists Best Buy as offering a pre-order bonus but at the moment the site only says its offering a "combo pack" for Batman Arkham City fans. It looks like both Amazon.com and Wal Mart will also have pre-order bonuses but those have yet to be revealed.

[Via Joystiq]

Batman Arkham City trailer swoops through the night

Arkham Asylum was one of our favorite games of 2009, so it only follows that Arkham City will likely be one excellent game as well. This trailer depicts Batman as he swoops throughout the new open environments, encountering characters such as Catwoman, Two-Face, and Harley Quinn. It's decidedly light on cutscenes and heavy on action, which is always the kind of trailer that we love. Mechanics are king, after all. Plus, it shows off the prominently featured new cast in motion and some of Batman's new take-downs.

Download Batman: Arkham City 'Gameplay Debut' Trailer
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Batman Arkham City gets October 18 release date in US

batman arkham city
Batman Arkham City, the upcoming sequel to one of the best super hero action games ever made Batman Arkham Asylum, now has a firm release date. Publisher Warner Bros. Interactive announced that Dark Knight fans will be able to play the full version on October 18 in the US. Australia will have the game released on October 19 while Europe and other countries will have to wait until October 21.

Just a reminder: Batman Arkham City is being developed by the original title's developers Rocksteady and will feature Batman facing a host of villains, both old and new, in a section of Gotham City that's five times the size of the game world in Batman Arkham Asylum.

Bastion to be published by Warner Brothers Interactive; coming to PC "later this year"

Bastion, the promising fantasy action-RPG from small indie developer SuperGiant Games, just got a big supporter. The developer announced today that Warner Brothers Interactive will publish Bastion where it will debut on the Xbox 360 console this summer and "later this year" for the PC.

SuperGiant Games emphasized that this deal doesn't mean that the game or the development team has been acquired by Warner Bros Interactive, saying, "We're still an independently owned game studio creating our first game and, with it, our own original IP." The deal with Warner Bros will allow Bastion to get "heavy-duty promotional support for events like PAX East and E3."

Batman Arkham City screenshots show off the Joker's smile

Batman Arkham City continues to impress us with its art style and Unreal Engine 3-powered graphics. That's especially true in a new batch of screenshots for the upcoming super hero action game. An example is above where Batman's arch nemesis The Joker looks like he's about to feast on someone.

The other screenshots, which we have added to our ever growing gallery below, show off more of Batman and the Joker's fun house-lair. If the game looks and plays at least as well as its 2009 predesessor Batman Arkham Asylum we may be smiling as much as the Joker is right now.

Batman Arkham City to get prequel DC Comics mini-series in May

Batman Arkham City will certainly be getting a lot more promotion and marketing than its 2009 action game predecessor Batman Arkham Asylum. One example of that is today's announcement of a Batman Arkham City six part comic book mini-series from DC Comics. The mini-series will start in May and will be written by Paul Dini who also wrote the script for both games. The artwork will come from Carlos D'Anda who helped with the concept art for the Batman Arkham Asylum game.

The storyline for the comic book will take place one year after the events of Batman Arkham Asylum and bridges the gap between the events of the two games as we see the shutdown of Arkham Asylum and the rise of the larger Arkham City to house Gotham City's worst criminals. In addition to the printed comic book mini-series, DC Comics plans to digitally release 8 page interludes in between issues of the comic that will put the spotlight on some of Batman's many enemies.

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