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First Trackmania 2 screenshot released

It's been nearly a year since Ubisoft announced plans for ManiaPlanet, an umbrella title for developer Nadeo's three planned PC games. The first was supposed to be Trackmania 2, the full sequel to their popular racing game with a beta test planned by the end of 2010.

Obviously Nadeo missed that timetable but today on the official ManiaPlanet forums the development team finally released the first real screenshot from Trackmania 2. While there's still no clear word on when the beta for the game will begin the fact that the team is releasing screenshots means that there is finally progress.

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Trackmania 2-Maniaplanet news update now coming in March/April?

Last June at E3, Ubisoft's press conference announced its plans for Maniaplanet, its PC exclusive platform from developer Nadeo that included the upcoming racing-puzzle sequel Trackmania 2. A beta test for Trackmania 2 was supposed to start in the fourth quarter of 2010 but as you can see that date has come and gone.

Now in a post on Maniaplanet's official forums a Nadeo rep gives a tiny news update, stating, "At the moment, the news can start in March and the latest it can start is April. I am trying to make everybody ready for the new adventure of maniaplanet, and it takes a lot of time." Apparently some of the delay can be attributed to the development team moving to new offices." Ubisoft's next financial report is due to be announced next week and perhaps the publisher will give more info on Maniaplanet's status.

Trackmania 2 may not make scheduled fourth quarter 2010 beta launch

Last June at Ubisoft's E3 press conference, the publisher made an out-of-left-field announcement as it revealed plans for ManiaPlanet, a PC-specific platform that would allow gamers to make and share content for three genres. ManiaPlanet is an outgrowth of Ubisoft's 2009 purchase of Trackmania developer Nadeo.

The E3 press conference said that ManiaPlanet would begin in the fourth quarter of 2010 with beta testing of Trackmania 2, the first full sequel to Nadeo's popular racing game. Since the announcement there's been little word on the status of the game or of ManiaPlanet as a whole. In a recent forum post on the ManiaPlanet message board a Nadeo rep wrote, "the only news I can give is that we are moving forward and that maniaplanet is shaping well." The rep also seemed to hint that the Trackmania 2 beta will likely be pushed back, stating, "from the E3 video, the target is Q42010, and I think it would still be feasible in term of code but to be as efficient as possible on many topics, we will probably take more time before the betas."

E3 2010: Maniaplanet announced

A while back Ubisoft announced that it had purchased the French game developer Nadeo, the creators of the Trackmania racing game franchise. Today at their Ubisoft E3 2010 press conference it was announced that Nadeo is working on not just a game but a whole platform that will let people make their own games.

The concept is called Maniaplanet and Ubisoft says it will let people not only use development tools to make content for Trackmania titles but also first person shooters (Shootmania) and RPGs (Questmania). Maniaplanet will be the online social link for these games with players sharing their user-generated content. It will begin late this year with the beta test of Trackmania 2. Shootmania's beta starts in the first quarter of 2011. No date was revealed for Questmania's launch.

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