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Shogun 2 trailer reveals the intricacies of multiplayer

The Shogun 2 multiplayer can be a bit confusing to those unused to the Total War conventions. It even confuses us, and we love the Total War series! Thankfully, Creative Assembly has released a trailer detailing all of the functions you can perform in multiplayer, and it covers nearly everything. It has details on everything you might be confused about, from retainers to province influence to matchmaking. Despite the game having been out for a while now, this trailer is definitely appreciated.

Download the Shogun 2: Total War Multiplayer Tutorial, Part 2
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Total War Shogun 2 won't have DirectX 11 support at first

total war shogun 2
Total War Shogun 2 has been promoted as a game that would take advantage of DirectX 11 graphical features. That will still be the case for the latest historical RTS game from The Creative Assembly. Unfortunately, according to a Eurogamer news story, the DirectX 11 support won't be ready when the game is released on March 15.

According to a rep from the developer, "We just wanted a couple more weeks to tweak the performance on various difference cards." The DirectX 11 support will be added to Total War Shogun 2 in a patch that should be released two to four weeks after the full game is released. Even without the DirectX 11 features, the Creative Assembly rep states, "The game still looks absolutely stunning at top end. There are no resolution restrictions. It looks fabulous. It'll be absolutely playable. All of the features are in there."

Shogun 2 developer diaries explore Japanese history

The Shogun 2 diaries have offered fascinating insights into the offices of Creative Assembly, and these two latest videos are no exception. Focusing entirely on Shogun 2, they detail a lot of the research and process that went into making it both historically realistic as well as fun. Notable thing to look for include reactions to the wood block concept art, justification for the multiplayer campaign mode, and an abiding love of the works of Akira Kurosawa. Peppered in are plenty of smaller anecdotes and musings, all of which make this diary feel like an actual diary and less of a PR tool.

Download HD Shogun 2: Total War Developer Diary #2, Part 1
Download HD Shogun 2: Total War Developer Diary #2, Part 2
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Shogun 2 trailer gets together with other players

Continuing the thread of excellent trailers for Shogun 2, this video shows off the new and returning multiplayer features for Creative Assembly's new title. The campaign co-op returns from Empire and Napoleon, and some new features such as General customization also show up. The multiplayer also supports up to four players, so if you wish to engage in a four-sided free-for-all, you can. Shogun 2 is looking more and more excellent as it comes closer to release, and this trailer only continues it.

Download Shogun 2: Total War 'Multiplayer Overview' Trailer
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Feature: Total War: Shogun 2 Hands-On Impressions

After going all around the world and recreating pivotal points in history, the Total War series comes full circle and returns to the country that started it all in Shogun 2. Japan has fractured into different warring clans vying for territory, and it's up the player to take up the role of Daimyo, a clan leader, to unite all of Japan under his banner. Using the latest graphics technology, players command samurai warriors to battle on the grassy fields of feudal Japan, and the introduction of rifles revolutionizes warfare across the country. Players can also take the fight out to sea with large scale sea battles.

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Shogun 2 trailer engages in a sword duel

Shogun 2 is one of the best games when it comes to informative trailers. Almost every single trailer has given good insights into the creation of the game as well as how the mechanics work. From battle reports to producer diaries, each video manages to give us more information and keep us hooked on the progress. This trailer breaks out the glamour, however. Depicting the calm before the storming of a keep, this trailer involves what appears to be a samurai and warrior monk facing off in a champion's duel. The winner does not get to survive, though, and ends up triggering the castle's invasion.

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Shogun 2 trailer covers more battle footage

This Shogun 2 trailer is a bit familiar, mainly because the first half of the trailer is exactly the same as the campaign trailer. However, about halfway through it goes to new footage and shows some of the real-time battles we've come to love of the Total War series. There's not particularly new or exciting here; it's just the same old tactical combat we know. However, it does display some of the fancy new graphics, and we have to admit that this is the best looking Total War game we've seen to date.

Download Shogun 2: Total War 'Battle Gameplay #4' Trailer
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Shogun 2 trailer conquers Japan for the shogunate

Shogun: Total War spawned an incredible franchise, and with Shogun 2 Creative Assembly is aiming to top the game that started it all. The latest trailer for the upcoming strategy game details the changes to the campaign map, and shows off both returning and new features. Our favorites include the addition of experience gain, the purchase of skills and technologies, and the return of the infamous ninja and geisha spies. If there was one word to describe our feelings for Shogun 2 right now, it would be this: excited.

Download HD Shogun 2 Campaign Trailer
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Interview: We chat with The Creative Assembly about Total War: Shogun 2

Over 10 years ago a UK-based developer named The Creative Assembly released Shogun: Total War. The historical RTS game was an immediate critical success and paved the way for the developer to add and expand the franchise. Subsequient titles included Rome: Total War, two entries in the Medieval: Total War series and most recently Empire Total War and Napoleon Total War.

Now the company and its owner Sega are going back to where it all started for The Creative Assembly as it returns to the era of 16th century feudal Japan for Total War: Shogun 2. Due out on March 15, the game promises to be the most graphically advanced game in the series with full support for DirectX 11 graphical features. Big Download got a chance to ask questions to The Creative Assembly about Total War Shogun 2 with answers provided to us by team member Tom Jarrett.

Total War Shogun 2 getting Collector's Edition and Chess Set Edition in UK [Update]

While North America will be getting a Standard Edition and a Limited Edition of the upcoming historical RTS game Total War Shogun 2 it looks like UK owners will have access to two versions of a Collector's Edtion of the game. The "standard" collector's edition of the game, which can be pre-ordered at's web site, comes in a box made to look like it's made of bamboo. In addition to the game itself it comes with a figurine of a Japanese warrior as well as a hardcover art book.

The Chess Set Collector's version of the game can be pre-ordered at and as you can see above it comes with a full chess set with hand painted chess pieces and a board made from bamboo. There's no word as to why the US audience has yet to get its own versions of the UK Collector's Editions.

Update: A PR rep from Sega has confirmed to Big Download that the Collector's Editions for the game are exclusively for the UK market and won't be sold here in the US.


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