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Prototype 2 trailer throws a man across the block

There's not much to this trailer. Like the previous Prototype 2 videos, it's a one-trick pony. In this case, the trick is throwing a man so hard that he flies across the block, hits a car, and then explodes in a massive shockwave of blood. That's all there is to it. Oh, and a release date: sometime in 2012.

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Prototype 2 trailer kicks a helicopter

This trailer for Prototype 2 is so short that the title contains the entire description of it. In this trailer, the new protagonist kicks a helicopter in half. That's it. No context, no story, nothing. Just straight up helicopter kicking. We suppose you'll love it if you're into bursting apart rotorcraft with your heels.

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Rumor: Epic Games to reveal new original game at GDC 2011?

Epic Games already has plans for a very busy 2011 with two big retail games on the horizon; Bulletstorm (co-developed by People Can Fly) and the Xbox 360 exclusive Gears of War 3. But the new issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly print magazine now on newsstands seems to suggest that another original game is in the works as well.

According to the Examiner, the EGM print article quotes Epic's lead designer Cliff Bleszinksi as saying that people should have their "eyes peeled at GDC" 2011 for an announcement about an all new original game from Epic. He adds that he came up with the original idea but that it has been expanded upon by Eric Holmes who was the lead designer at Radical Entertainment for the original Prototype. GDC 2011 is scheduled to be held in San Fransisco from February 28-March 4.

Prototype 2 trailer seeks out Alex Mercer

While you, as Alex Mercer, played an important role in the devastation of New York in Prototype, Prototype 2 has a different angle. You're to play as a disturbed military man who is seeking out Alex Mercer by using the same bioengineered virus that Alex is infected with. Thus, it actually plays concurrently alongside the first game, and provides a new perspective on the creation of the New York City red zone. Much like all of the trailers to come from the Spike VGAs, this one is especially cinematic but doesn't offer any details on the inner workings of the gory sandbox title.

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Prototype 2 announced for 2012 release

Even though a previously released teaser trailer pretty much gave up the ghost on this announcement, tonight's Video Game Awards did officially reveal that developer Radical Entertainment and publisher Activision will be working on Prototype 2, the sequel to 2009's open world action game.

The teaser trailer seems to suggest that you will be playing as a new character who is going after the shaft-shifting and absobing character of Alex Mercer from the first Prototype game. The title is due out sometime in 2012. While we will be waiting a while for the game to come out, you can check out the full teaser trailer after the jump:

Rumor: Prototype 2 gets teased in new trailer?

Last week we saw a teaser site called which showed only a guy with his back turned to us and a somewhat burred background. Now that same site has posted up a five second teaser trailer that seems to let the cat out of the bag on what game it is supposed to be teasing us about.

The imagery points us and many others to predict that the game is in fact Prototype 2, the sequel to the 2008 open-world action game from developer Radical Entertainment and publisher Activision where you played an amnesiac man who has a body that can shape ship to plenty of people. Hopefully we will learn more at the Video Game Awards in about a week.

Steam's latest one day sales get you out of the Friday funk

Some of you are getting ready to take off for a three day weekend. Some of you might even be taking today off, making this Fourth of July a four-day weekend (lucky you if you have that set-up). So what do you do with all that free time. Steam's summer sale is still going strong and today through 1 pm Eastern time on Saturday you can get extra-big price cuts on the downloadable games listed below:

Day of Defeat : Source - $2.49
Beat Hazard - $2.49
Half-Life 2 - $3.39
Star Wars Empire at War Gold (original game + expansion) - $4.99
Max and the Magic Marker - $5
Saints Row 2 - $7.49
Borderlands - $10.19
Bionic Commando Pack (Bionic Commando + Bionic Commando Rearmed) - $11.14
Prototype - $14.99
Crysis Maximum Edition (Crysis and Crysis Warhead) - $14.99

Layoffs hit Activision with two dev studios closing down

Just one day after Activision Blizzard admitted to a large financial loss for its last fiscal quarter, the publisher did some quick cost cutting to save some money. Unfortunately it looks like those actions will cost a number of Activision game developers their jobs. Gamasutra reports via unnamed sources that 90 members of Radical Entertainment have been laid off. The developer created the open world action game Prototype which was a solid hit for the publisher in June 2009.

In addition, Neversoft has also reportedly been hit with large layoffs. Two more internal Activision game developers, Luxoflux and Underground Development, reportedly are shutting down entirely. It was founded in 1997 and was bought by Activision in 2002. Various web sites got an official response from Activision after the internet rumors hit but the company did not directly admit to the layoffs saying only that, " . . we are realigning our resources to better reflect our slate and the market opportunities." One wonders why Activision failed to announced these layoffs during their financial conference call on Wednesday.

Report: Modern Warfare 2 PC most pirated game in 2009?

Modern Warfare 2 for the PC may have become the highest selling game in the Call of Duty series for Infinity Ward and Activision but one group claims that those sales pale in comparison to the pirated copies that have been transfered via BitTorrent locations. The site TorrentFreak claims that a whopping 4.1 million illegal copies of the first person shooter were downloaded via torrent sites in 2009.

That number is a new "record" for a pirated PC game and was generated after less than two months (the game was released in early November). The Sims 3, released in June, is number two on the list with 3.2 million downloads. Somewhat suprisingly, Prototype was third with 2.35 million downloads, according to the report.

Prototype on sale on Direct2Drive today only for $19.95

It's a game that was a big hit last June for Activision and now the open world action game Prototype is on sale for one day only at Direct2Drive as part of their 24 Days of Christmas sales promotion. From now until 1 pm Eastern time, the game can be downloaded and purchased for $19.95, a 50 percent sales cut from its normal Direct2Drive price.

The over-the-top action got solid sales but some mixed reviews from critics. The game comes from developer Radical Entertainment but at the moment there's no word on what game the development team is working on next.

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