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Prototype 2 trailer gives us Mercer vs Heller

Prototype 2 is still a ways away from release (it's not due out until sometime in 2012) but the upcoming open world action game sequel is getting yet another marketing trailer from publisher Activision. This new one features various team members from developer Radical Entertainment talking about the big conflict between the original game's hero Alex Mercer and the sequel's new hero James Heller.

The video also has some brief but pretty spectacular gameplay footage from a pre-alpha build of the game as you see the shape-shifting hero make some kills in some unique and devastating ways on the streets of New York City.

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Prototype 2 trailer throws a man across the block

There's not much to this trailer. Like the previous Prototype 2 videos, it's a one-trick pony. In this case, the trick is throwing a man so hard that he flies across the block, hits a car, and then explodes in a massive shockwave of blood. That's all there is to it. Oh, and a release date: sometime in 2012.

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Prototype 2 trailer kicks a helicopter

This trailer for Prototype 2 is so short that the title contains the entire description of it. In this trailer, the new protagonist kicks a helicopter in half. That's it. No context, no story, nothing. Just straight up helicopter kicking. We suppose you'll love it if you're into bursting apart rotorcraft with your heels.

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Prototype 2 trailer seeks out Alex Mercer

While you, as Alex Mercer, played an important role in the devastation of New York in Prototype, Prototype 2 has a different angle. You're to play as a disturbed military man who is seeking out Alex Mercer by using the same bioengineered virus that Alex is infected with. Thus, it actually plays concurrently alongside the first game, and provides a new perspective on the creation of the New York City red zone. Much like all of the trailers to come from the Spike VGAs, this one is especially cinematic but doesn't offer any details on the inner workings of the gory sandbox title.

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Prototype 2 announced for 2012 release

Even though a previously released teaser trailer pretty much gave up the ghost on this announcement, tonight's Video Game Awards did officially reveal that developer Radical Entertainment and publisher Activision will be working on Prototype 2, the sequel to 2009's open world action game.

The teaser trailer seems to suggest that you will be playing as a new character who is going after the shaft-shifting and absobing character of Alex Mercer from the first Prototype game. The title is due out sometime in 2012. While we will be waiting a while for the game to come out, you can check out the full teaser trailer after the jump:

Rumor: Prototype 2 gets teased in new trailer?

Last week we saw a teaser site called which showed only a guy with his back turned to us and a somewhat burred background. Now that same site has posted up a five second teaser trailer that seems to let the cat out of the bag on what game it is supposed to be teasing us about.

The imagery points us and many others to predict that the game is in fact Prototype 2, the sequel to the 2008 open-world action game from developer Radical Entertainment and publisher Activision where you played an amnesiac man who has a body that can shape ship to plenty of people. Hopefully we will learn more at the Video Game Awards in about a week.

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