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Feature: 2011 Console Games We Want To See On The PC

While 2011 already has a full slate of PC games schedule for release in the next year there are also a number of console exclusive titles that we think PC gamers would embrace as well. In fact some console exclusive titles for 2011 were originally announced as coming for the PC as well but apparently the publishers have changed their minds.

So which games for consoles would be worthy of showing up for the PC this year? We've picked 10 of them, ranging from first person shooter to third person action games to a couple of fighting titles. We also give our opinions on whether or not these games might actually show up on the PC one day.

Big Download's News Bits & Bytes - November 8

Anyone already pre-ordered and/or pre-loaded Call of Duty: Black Ops for the PC? Or are you getting one of the console versions instead? Just curious ...

Metal Gear Solid Rising showcases ridiculously deep cuts

Enjoy cutting things? Enjoy environmental destruction? Metal Gear Solid Rising has got you covered. You can cut anything and everything (with the presumed exception of obstacles necessary to keep you on the path), and the cuts are clean and precise. This is similar to Afro Samurai, although it pushes it a bit further. Of more important note is that this is the first Metal Gear Solid game to come to the PC since the first game!

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New graphics engine for Metal Gear Solid Rising

Earlier this month at E3, Konami confirmed that they would be making yet another Metal Gear Solid game but instead of a PS3 exclusive, Metal Gear Solid Rising would be a multiplatform game with the PC as one of those platforms.

Aside from the fact that the game will have Raiden as it's main character, little else about the title has been revealed. However in the latest Kojima Productions podcast it was revealed that the game's graphics engine was being rebuilt from "stratch" and that the development team "is serious about making it look as good as possible on every platform." Hmm..does that mean DirectX11 support? We hope so.

E3 2009: It's official - Metal Gear Solid Rising confirmed for PC

It was just a rumor earlier this week but now it's official. During Konami's E3 2009 press conference this week they indeed confirmed that Metal Gear Solid Rising will be released for the PC as well as the Xbox 360 and PS3 consoles. Other than the fact that the game will feature Raiden as the main character no other info on the title was announced (no release date either.

Konami rarely releases PC games. It's last such game was a port of Silent Hill Homecoming and that game was only released via digital download from Steam. The upcoming Konami game based on the Saw horror movie franchise will be released for the PC this fall.

E3 2009: Rumor - Is a Metal Gear game coming to the PC?

It's been a while since a game in Konami's Metal Gear series has made it to the PC and now rumors are hitting the Interwebs that may be a'changin' soon. On Monday, Microsoft revealed that Konami is planning to release Metal Gear Solid Rising for the Xbox 360.

This new game in the action series (starring Raiden instead of the series' main character Solid Snake) was not mentioned as an Xbox 360 exclusive during the Microsoft press conference. Now a listing on the web site has posted up word that the title will indeed be released for the PC as well as other platforms. Konami should be able to confirm or deny this bit of news at their own E3 2009 press conference today.

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