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The Protector comes into focus

South American mythology doesn't usually show up as a basis for a game but the development team at the newly revealed Poland-based Gingerbread Studios is adding that kind of background to their just announced debut title. The Protector is a first/third person action game that uses two different playable characters, each of which is used in very different situations.

Those characters are British mercenary Jonathan Kane (the player guides him through the action-shooting series) and American archaeologist Jennifer Guile (she is the basis of the game's stealth action scenes). Together the duo are trying to combat a terrorist organization who wants to use an ancient artifact for, natch, nefarious purposes. The press release claims The Protector will have a fully interactive world, advanced AI and a variety of bad guys, including "mythical Aztec creatures." Start researching your ancient lost civilizations now. There's no word yet on a release date for the game.

Gallery: The Protector


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