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Empire Total War Gold Edition announced

Developer The Creative Assembly and publisher Sega have been busy releasing two full games in the Total War series in quick succession with Empire Total War in 2009 and Napoleon Total War earlier this year. Now Sega has announced plans to release Empire Total War Gold Edition, a new retail release that contains both historical RTS games.

Not only does the Gold Edition contain both games it will also have all of the paid downloadable content options that has been released so far for Empire Total War and Napoleon Total War. You can look for this collection to be released to stores on October 19 for $49.95.

[Via email press release]

Zoo Publishing takes over Empire Interactive games

If you thought that you might not be able to purchase any more copies of FlatOut because of the shut down of Empire Interactive, fear not. Zoo Publishing has got your back. The Ohio based game publisher has announced that it has gotten the rights to publish games that were handled by the now defunct UK publisher.

Not only does Zoo Publishing have the rights to previous Empire Interactive games but they can also release new titles from Empire's library as well. That apparently includes the FlatOut arcade racing series which was by far the most popular game in the Empire game line-up There's no word yet on when or even if we can expect such a move to occur.

Empire Interactive officially shuts down

It looks like efforts to keep UK-based Empire Interactive going have been to no avail. Gamesindustry.biz is reporting that company has now gone into administration (the UK's term for bankruptcy) with 49 people laid off as a result.

Rights to properties owned by Empire Interactive have apparently been sold to a US-based company, New World IP, for an undisclosed sum. The company itself will not be sold off and six remaining staff members will work with the group handing the administration to shut down Empire's operations. Empire Interactive was owned by Silverstar Holdings which also owns the PC game publisher Strategy First.

Report: Empire Interactive to go into bankruptcy this week

It's not looking good for UK-based Empire Interactive. While last week's reports on the game publisher shutting down may have been slightly premature, MCV is now reporting they have an internal email sent to Empire's employees saying the company will likely be put into administration (the UK's term for bankrupcy) later this week.

The email states that all of Empire's employees will be laid off as a result of the action. Empire''s 70 employees are naturally not happy, especially since they have been doing without pay for the last two months thinking that a deal to buy Empire was going to be made. Empire Interactive is owned by Silverstar Holdings which also owns North American game publisher Strategy First.

Empire Interactive to shut down?

UK-based Empire Interactive has been dealing with some poor financial results for the past few years, even before the recent economic downturn. Now it appears that time may have run out for the once major game publisher. According to a story at MCV the company went into admistration this week after offers to buy out the company fell through. An official announcement on Empire's fate is expected on Monday

In the past few years Empire's biggest selling games have been the FlatOut series of arcade racing games. Empire itself is owned by Silverstar Holdings which also owns the PC game publisher Strategy First. Last March Silverstar was delisted from trading from the NASDAQ stock market. It's currently unknown if Empire's shut down will have any effects on Silverstar or Strategy First.

[Via Blue's News]

GoG.com adds Empire Interactive games to its library

GoG.com has revealed it will be announcing a few new publishers that will add their games to its DRM-free download game services in the next few weeks. Today the first of those announcements was made as GoG.com has added the first two of many games from Empire Interactive.

The games that are available now are the action game Enemy Engaged: Apache vs. Havoc (which comes with a free strategy guide) and the arcade game Pro Pinball Timeshock. Both games can be downloaded and purchased right now for $5.99 each. More games from Empire Interactive such as Combat Chess, Pro Pinball Big Race and Pro Pinball Fantastic Journey will be added to GoG.com soon.

Get free Flatout with Steam pre-order of Flatout: Ultimate Carnage

Next week will see the release in the US of the PC port of Flatout: Ultimate Carnage, the port of the 2007 Xbox 360 arcade racing game from developer Bugbear and publisher Empire Interactive. However if you like to download your games rather than head to the retail stores, Valve's Steam service has a deal for you.

If you pre-order Flatout: Ultimate Carnage via Steam for $19.99 before the end of the day on August 26, you will be able to download the first game in the series, Flatout, immediately for free. You will be able to check out the unique gameplay of the first title (complete with ragdoll driver mini-games) before the graphically enhanced Flatout: Ultimate Carnage is made available.

Atari to help distribute Empire Interactive games

Hot on the heels of their first profitable quarter in years, publisher Atari has just announced plans to work with another publisher, Empire Interactive. Under the terms of the agreement, Atari will distribute a number of Empire's mass market themed games in North America in 2008 and 2009. Three of the game will ship to stores in September including Pipe Mania for the PC and other platforms.

Empire Interactive has had its own financial issues recently. It announced last month plans to sell off its Razorworks development studio to UK based Rebellion. That allowed Empire to reduce its staff by 30 percent to save money. Empire is best know for publishing the Flatout racing franchise; the PC version of Flatout: Ultimate Carnage should appear in stores later this month.

Strategy First game collection now on Steam

Valve just keeps giving customers of its Steam service some extra value in its game collections. This weekend Steam announced the Strategy First collection with a whopping 22 games available to download from the Canadian based game publisher (some of the titles are Empire Interactive games; both companies are owned by Silverstar Holdings).

If you bought all of the games separately via Steam it would cost $339.78 but under the Strategy First collection you can get them all for only $69.99. That price is apparently only until August 18; there's no word on what the price for the collection will be after that date.

FlatOut Ultimate Carnage to be latest Games for Windows Live title

Microsoft hasn't gotten a lot of PC game titles to support their Games For Windows Live features but Empire Interactive has just confirmed that their PC port of their Xbox 360 arcade racing game FlatOut Ultimate Carnage will join the rather exclusive list of PC titles to support the Live platform.

While it doesn't appear like the PC port will have cross-platform multiplayer with its Xbox 360 counterpart (only three games, Shadowrun, Lost Planet Colonies and Universe at War: Earth Assault have supported that feature) the PC version of the game will include support for all the other Live features including achievements. Empire plans to release the Bugbear developed FlatOut Ultimate Carnage for the PC in August in Europe. So far there's no word on a US release for the game.

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