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Battlefield 3 pre-orders get exclusive Battlefield Play4Free items

It's a long time until Battlefield 3 is released later this fall but Electronic Arts is already putting a lot of marketing and promotion into getting people to pre-order the game (there's even been TV commercials released). Now EA is giving players of its recently launched free-to-play shooter Battlefield Play4Free another incentive to buy Battlefield 3.

According to EA's Gun Club web site, folks who pre-order Battlefield 3 via EA's online store will be able to access two exclusive items when they play Battlefield Play4Free with the same EA account. One is a special beret for your avatar to wear and the other is the Battlefield 3 Edition 870 combat shotgun. We suspect this will be just the start of pre-order activities for Battlefield 3.

Battlefield Play4Free trailer blows apart enemy vehicles

Battlefield 2 is still one of the most influential games of all time. Its progression system was copied by Call of Duty 4, and the massive battles mixed with intense close-quarters infantry combat made it an instant classic. Play4Free returns to this after the smaller, more destruction-focused style of Bad Company 2, and this trailer gives us a good glimpse into what that means. The seamless blend of pre-rendered and in-game footage is a bit impressive, and the combat looks to be just as good as ever.

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This Week In PC Games: April 4-10

After a very busy March for major PC game releases, things slow down a bit for the first full week of April with several smaller downloadable PC games due to be released.

Dino D-Day: This game, which first started life as a Half-Life 2 mod, has one of the more colorful premises we have ever seen. The multiplayer shooter's back story has the Nazi's in WWII creating weapon-based dinosaurs which the Allies have to fight off. The game's developers at 800 North have already promised that this game will get lots of free content after its release on April 8.

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EA's free-to-play division head departs ahead of Battlefield Play4Free open beta

Just ahead of the official open beta launch of Battlefield Play4Free, Ben Cousins, the head of Electronic Arts' free-to-play game division EA Easy, has announced that he is leaving the publisher. Cousins made the announcement today on his Twitter page. He did not announce where he is going next, saying only, " ... soon as I can, I let everyone know."

Cousins helped to lead the EA Easy division for the past four years, launching games like Battlefield Heroes, Lord of Ultima and Battle Forge (which actually started as a traditional retail box game). The first person shooter Battlefield Play4Free officially launches its open beta today for players of Battlefield Bad Company 1 and 2 and Battlefield Heroes. The game's Twitter and Facebook followers get access the open beta on April 2 and everyone else can play the game on April 4.


Head of EA's free-to-play division calls pricing of $60 games "exploitative"

PC gamers have seen more and more games priced at $60. At the same time PC gamers have also seen the rise of the "free-to-play" business model for games. One of the leaders of the latter model is Electronic Arts who has a number of such games either online now (Battlefield Heroes, Battle Forge, Lord of Ultima) or in the works (Battlefield Play4Free, pictured above).

The head of EA's play-for-free games division, Easy Studios, is Ben Cousins and in a chat with Rock Paper Shotgun he doesn't mince words by saying, "I can't think of anything more exploitative than gating all of your content behind having to pay someone $60." He adds that games that are priced so high can be a "really harsh business model" compared to what his division is trying to do. He states, "What we do is enable everyone to play the game, and figure out if they like it. If they don't like it they can walk away and they don't lose anything."

Battlefield Play4Free open beta begins on April 4

Battlefield play4free
While there's been a lot of attention on Battlefield 3, the next game in the shooter series is in fact the free-to-play title Battlefield Play4Free. reports that Electronic Arts plans to launch the open beta for the game on April 4.

Reporting from GDC 2011, EA states that over 600,000 people have already signed up to try out the closed beta for the game. People who signed up for the beta and have played Battlefield Bad Company 1 or 2 or Battlefield 1943 will access the open beta on March 31. The game's Twitter and Facebook followers will also get a chance to get into the open beta early on April 2. The final version is scheduled to launch this summer.

EA moving away from in-game ads in favor of micro-transactions

Remember 2008? The year where pretty much everyone was saying that in-game advertising was going to explode and become a huge revenue generator for the game industry? Well that was before the global recession pretty much stopped the ad business in its tracks. Even though things are "better" than they were at the start of the recession, it looks like at least one publisher is focusing on another revenue track.

That would be Electronic Arts. In a new chat over at Edge, the head of the publisher's free-to-play division Ben Cousins states, "We actually aren't getting much from ad revenue at all. The in-game advertising business hasn't grown as fast as people expected it to." The more accepted way to fund a free-to-play game is via microtransactions which are a part of, among other games, EA's online shooter Battlefield Heroes. Cousins states, "If you think about how fast the virtual goods business has grown in the last year or so, it's been much quicker and become a much more reliable source of revenue." EA will soon launch yet another free-to-play game with a microtransaction mode, Battlefield Play4Free.

Big Download's News Bits & Bytes - November 6-7

The weekend is over which means it's just over a day or so until Call of Duty: Black Ops' official release. We are just hoping the single player is a bit better than Modern Warfare 2.

Battlefield Play4Free trailer is grim and gritty

If Battlefield Heroes is kind of like comic books before the 1980s, then Battlefield Play4Free is more like the "grim and gritty" comics of the late 1980s. The game was first announced last Friday by Electronic Arts and now there's a new trailer that shows how the game really looks in motion.

The upcoming free-to-play game mixes content from both Battlefield 2 and Battlefield Bad Company 2 with graphics that you don't normally get in this kind of game. But we still don't care for the title. The closed beta test for Battlefield Play4Free will begin on November 30 with the official launch in spring 2011.

Download the Battlefield Play4Free Announcement trailer at Big Download (53 MB)

EA Easy head: Free-to-play PC games could threaten console industry

In the last couple of years we have seen the free-to-play PC game industry explode here in the US and also in Europe as players have embraced the type of games that got its start in Asia. At first the visual look for those games have been primitive compared to high end PC and console games but the level of graphics have improved greatly.

Today Electronic Arts announced Battlefield Play4Free, its newest free-to-play game and one that has graphics that come closer to the look of the Battlefield retail products. Develop reports that at the London Games Conference this week the head of the division behind the game said the free-to-play model could be a serious threat to the console game industry.

EA Easy head Ben Cousins stated, "At what point do the hardcore gamers switch over from spending $60 a month on console games to spending that much a month on microtransactions for an online title?" He added that its possible that within two to five years the free-to-play model could " ... cause a significant disruption to the traditional triple-A console market."


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