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Need For Speed The Run revealed

A UK-based online retailer has leaked out the title and apparent premise for the next game in the Need For Speed driving game series. hads posted up a pre-order listing and a pre-rendered trailer for Need For Speed: The Run from publisher Electronic Arts.

The trailer, which you can check out after the jump, seems to show that the premise is a cross-country race from Los Angeles to New York City with some police and other resistance during the trip. The trailer claims the game is due out on November 18. So far EA has yet to officially announced the game.


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Mount and Blade: With Fire And Sword gets Team Fortress 2 pre-order hats

The latest Team Fortress 2 tie-in with another game has been revealed. This time it's for the upcoming RPG stand alone expansion pack Mount and Blade: With Fire and Sword. People who own Valve's multiplayer shooter and pre-order the Taleworlds developed (and Paradox Interactive published) game by May 3 will get access to two exclusive items in TF2.

The two items are, naturally, in-game hats; the Hetman's Headpiece for the Engineer players, and the Janissary Ketche for the Spy characters. In related news, the recently released puzzle game SpaceChem has added three new team Fortress 2 levels to the game.

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Review: Dragon Gaming Speech Pack

Although there have been a number of attempts to simplify the controls for PC games (some more successful than others), there are still a number that have a complicated series of commands and menus to memorize and flip through. Role-playing, strategy, and a handful of action shooters can usually fall into this category, but players with control difficulty now have an alternative. Dragon NaturallySpeaking, the well-known and very accurate voice dictation software, now offers an add-on called Dragon Gaming Pack. Using it, players can use their voices to control actions in some of their favorite games. Unfortunately, ease of use is a relative term in this case, not to mention the low practicality of using this kind of software in fast paced shooter games.

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Brink PC dedicated server support detailed

Brink's developer Splash Damage have always said that its upcoming sci-fi first person shooter would include dedicated server support for the PC version. Today on the site more info on the dedicated server features were revealed for the game.

The stand alone server files themselves will be available to download via Steam on their "Tools" menu before Brink is released on May 10. You will be able to run several instances of the server files on one PC and there will be a variety of options available for the server administrator to run multiplayer games including "team sizes, time limits and overtime, warm-up rules, friendly fire, voice chat, availability of Command Post buffs, rank restrictions, number of bots, and password."

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Thursday PC game sales include free game

Getting something for nothing is always a good thing and we have that in today's PC game sales deals.

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Age of Empires Online video blog reveals Defense of Crete Booster Pack

Age of Empires Online is in the middle of its closed beta test at the moment but the development team at Gas Powered Games is already revealing more about what players can get when the online free-to-play RTS game launches later in 2011. In the latest video blog, we learn about one of the game's Booster Packs, Defense of Crete

This new gameplay mode is basically a tower defense game where you have to build up your forces and structures to defend your Wonder from an invading horde. This is a mode that you can play by yourself or you can team up with a buddy online to have him help you defend your wonder.

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Red Faction Armageddon delayed one week to June 7

Red Faction Armageddon, the latest game in the sci-fi action-shooter series, has been delayed yet again but this delay is a small one. Publisher THQ sent over word that the Volition-developed game, last scheduled for a May 31 release, will now be coming out on June 7.

No reason for this new delay was revealed but we are betting part of the reason has to do with Red Faction Origins. The TV movie/pilot, which is a prequel to the game's story, is due to be shown on the Syfy cable channel on June 4. Having the movie come out before the game instead of after is certainly a better marketing move.

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Volition's founder to depart developer

The founder of Campaign, Illinois developer Volition, Mike Kulas, has announced that he will depart the company this coming Monday. The local newspaper-based web site states that Kulas is leaving the developer voluntarily and his decision to go was not based on any particular event.

Kulas co-founded Volition's predecessor Parallax Software in 1993 which first gained fame with the release of the first two Descent games for Interplay. The company later re-branded itself as Volition and went onto make a sizable number of games, including the Freespace, Red Faction and Saints Row series of titles. THQ acquired the company in 2000. Kulas said he has no immediate plans for what he will do next in his career. His role at Volition will be taken over by Dan Cermak, who has been a vice-president at the developer since 2003.

[Via Gamasutra]

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Diablo III is in the "home stretch" says Blizzard

First announced nearly three years ago and under development for years beforehand, fans of the Diablo action-RPG franchise have been waiting, sometimes patiently and sometimes not so much, for developer Blizzard to release the third game in the series.

In a new article about the game at the New York Times web site, the game's director Jay Wilson still wouldn't cop to a release date but did say, "We're definitely in the home stretch. We're crunching. This is when the magic happens." That should make some fans breath easier but we suspect we still have several months before Diablo III finally comes out.

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PAX Prime 2011 three-day tickets selling quickly

Tickets for the 2011 edition of PAX Prime went on sale less that a couple of weeks ago. But if the game show's Twitter page is to be believed, the three-day tickets for the Seattle-based event could sell out months before the show begins on August 26.

The Twitter post states, "I don't want to alarm anyone, but based on current sales trends, we're going to sell out of PAX Prime 3-day badges in about ... 15 days." Of course even if that happens you can still purchase one day tickets for each day of PAX Prime 2011 but we suspect those will all be spoken for long before the show begins.

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Gods and Heroes due to launch, finally, on June 21

An MMO game that was canceled before it was even released will finally be launching to the public very soon. Developer Heatwave Interactive has announced that the Greek mythology-themed game Gods and Heroes will open to the public on June 21. Pre-orders for the game are being taken at its official web site. Those who pre-order will get access to the game a week earlier and get a couple of exclusive in-game items.

Gods and Heroes was first announced way back in 2005 by Perpetual Entertainment. After being development for a couple of years the game was put on "indefinite hold" in October 2007. A few months later Perpetual shut its doors. Heatwave Interactive announced its plans to revive the game in February 2010.

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Driver San Francisco due for release on August 30

Driver San Francisco has suffered through a few release date delays since being offically announced a year ago. Now it looks like publisher Ubisoft has finallly settled on a new date for its revival of the driving-action game series from developer Reflections Software.

Our sister site Joystiq reports that Ubisoft will release the game for the PC and Mac, along with other console platforms, on August 30 in the US. That's when we will get to see if this mix of car chasing game with some odd, almost supernatural, elements (your player character is in a coma and all the in-game action is inside his head) will work.

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Download: Mount & Blade: With Sword and Fire Soundtrack

The official soundtracks for both Mount & Blade: Warband and the upcoming Mount & Blade: With Fire and Sword are now available to download and keep - absolutely free! So, Mount & Blade fans can now load up some tunes and take the epic adventure wherever they go.

Download Mount & Blade: With Fire and Sword Soundtrack (58 MB)
Check out all Mount & Blade: With Fire and Sword downloads

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First free issue of Dungeon Siege III online comic goes live

Dark Horse Comics launched its digital comics storefront this week, offering a number of the publisher's comic book titles for sale. The site, which also has an iPhone-iPad app, is also offering select issues of their comics for free. One of them is the first online issue of the comic book tie-in to Dungeon Siege III.

You can check out the 10 page first issue now (free registration required) which sets up the storyline in the upcoming fantasy action-RPG title from developer Obsidian Entertainment and publisher Square Enix. As we have reported before, Dark Horse is also producing a 22 page print comic that's being offered as a pre-order bonus for Wal-Mart shoppers.

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Detour coming to Steam on May 17

Would you like a game that looks like a Sim City title but lets players blow stuff up like a Command and Conquer game? Then Detour may be the game you have been waiting for. Indie developer Sandswept Studios announced today that its first game will be released for the PC via Steam on May 17.

The game uses a grid system much like Sim City where you can build structures and roads but you are not a govial mayor in this game; your goal is to also build units to blow up your enemies. The game will have a number of single player challenges, multiplayer and co-op modes for up to four players and a map editor so you can make your own levels and share them with others. Pricing for the game has yet to be revealed.

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