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Command and Conquer: Tiberian Dawn

Released: 31 August 1995
Universe: Tiberian

GDI: The GDI campaign starts off with a beachhead invasion into NOD territory by hovercraft bearing infantry and humvees. Thus marks the start of GDI's attempts to drive NOD out of Europe for good. As the campaign wears on, GDI is plagued with a number of issues in hunting down NOD. These include being slammed in the NOD-controlled media, having their funding cut by member nations, and having to engage in subterfuge to take out well-defended NOD bases. In the end, however, GDI pins the leader of NOD, Kane, to the very first Temple of Nod, otherwise known as Temple Prime. They subsequently blast it from orbit with an ion cannon strike, seemingly killing Kane and ending the threat of NOD.

NOD: As a new commander to NOD, you start out working with Seth - the "Right Hand of Kane" - in elimiating the GDI presence in Africa. Part of the way into the campaign, Seth begins to conflict with Kane's ideals and is summarily executed by a gunshot to the head. Afterwards, you receive your orders directly from Kane. Using a combination of experimental weaponry, stealth tactics, and brute nuclear force, you manage to drive the GDI out of Africa and provide NOD with the base it needs to eliminate GDI completely.

Canon: The Tiberian universe starts upon the conclusion of GDI's campaign in Tiberian Dawn. Important plot points include the funding issue halfway through the campaign, the ecological impact of tiberium as espoused by the scientist Mobius, and the destruction of the Temple of Nod by the ion cannon. Tiberian Sun picks up a considerable amount of time after Tiberian Dawn, long after NOD has been considered eliminated. 09/03/10