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Happy birthday, Nintendo DS

Double digits, Nintendo DS! Little two-screened wonder, the machine that rose Nintendo to the heavens rather than the depths of hell, you turned 10-years-old earlier this month. How far you've taken us, Nintendo DS! As the GameCube floundered back in 2004 and Game Boy Advance was staying afloat thanks to Pokemon, the world scoffed at your weird design. A microphone? A touch screen? Madness! Now there's scarcely a device out there that doesn't sport both features. You sit along the original Nintendo Entertainment System as one of the most successful and influential gaming machines ever.

Now that you're ten, Nintendo DS, it's time to grow up! No more dillydallying with soft batch games like Spectrobes! With a decade under your belt, its time for games that will make you the womanliest woman and manliest man you can be, Nintendo DS. Here are ten games that will make you a grown up. They will teach you things about life, love, triumph and heartbreak. Here, dear DS, are ten games to play on your road to adulthood.

Joystiq Giveaway: 3 HTC One (M8) Windows Phones with Xbox cases

Here we are folks: The Gauntlet. Once it was Black Friday. Then there was Cyber Monday. Once Taco Tuesday got involved, though, we knew it was something more. Every day between now and New Year's Day involves some kind of insane sale, so we're just going to call it The Gauntlet for short.

With all those great sales going on, you know what would make them better? Getting stuff for free. So forget the stampedes at Gimbels (that's still a place, right?) and cozy up with Joystiq. We're giving away 3 HTC One (M8) Windows Phones. Not only that, we're giving away snazzy Xbox Green Dot View cases with the phones and they're awesome. The cases let you take calls, receive email notifications, schedule reminders, and more without even opening it. Pretty sweet. Both together are valued at $650. Not too shabby.

How do you enter? Just use the Rafflecopter widget below between November 28 and December 5. Winners will be selected at random and contacted via email. Full rules and details after the break.

3 HTC One (M8) Windows Phones with Xbox cases giveaway
[Images: HTC/Microsoft]

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Black Friday Joystiq Deals and Thanksgiveaway

Psssst, here's a secret: you can buy stuff on the internet now. Right! It's, like, a shocking surprise. So, instead of going out to your local retail location and getting trampled by the real housewives of suburbia, who are currently attempting to save $5 on a tool set, pick up some deals here... and potentially get some stuff for free. Our Thanksgiveaway includes an Golden Apple iPad, Nexuses and a year of GameFly. We also have a lot of Black Friday deals, which include levitating speakers, air drones and massive quantities of batteries. Visit the Joystiq Deals website for details.
Joystiq Deals is a partnership between AOL and StackSocial. A portion of sales goes to funding this site. Deals are curated by StackSocial independently of the Joystiq editorial team.

Super Joystiq Podcast 123: Persona Q, Tales from the Borderlands, Escape Dead Island

This week's Super Joystiq Podcast loves a good turkey warble sound effect.

Happy Thanksgiving/Black Friday/regular Friday! We are here to talk games --and Harry Potter-- but mostly games. Ludwig, Susan, Richard, and Anthony convene to discuss the recent trend of games not working as intended at launch, the lovely Persona Q, the not lovely Escape from Dead Island, and TellTale's take on Borderlands.

*The podcast feed is currently non-functional as we do some work behind-the-scenes. Please use the direct download link or embedded player after the break. Thanks!

Listen to the Super Joystiq Podcast: Podcast timestamps and relevant links are available after the break.

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Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions review: Game cubed

PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC, Mac

In 2008, Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2 was the ruler (pun intended) of Xbox Live. It riffed on Asteroids aptly, mixing simple, refined shoot-em-up with a hypnotic techno frenzy. Like a three-legged pub crawl with tequila shots, it delivered in short, impelling bursts that kept you drunkenly chasing high scores through the night, or at least until your thumbs passed out. In short, it was a black hole of time in the best possible way.

After such a siesta, it's hard to see Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions outside of what came before. Oddly enough, it's a sometimes overlooked Geometry Wars entry, Galaxies, that brings the most enjoyable component to developer Lucid Games' revival: a dense, challenge-based campaign. In contrast, GW3's freshest defining quality, the third dimension, doesn't make the same impact. If you view GW3 in the inebriated, blurry lens of GW2 it comes up a little short. Take a more sober look at it, and it's a welcome, faithful enough return that you can still sink plenty into.

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Joystiq Presents: A Zelda Story

Do you remember the first day you played your favorite game? What about the moment you bought that game; what lengths did you go to pick it up? Joystiq's own Reviews Content Director Richard Mitchell (@TheRichardM) recalls the story of the the day he bought The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for Nintendo 64, and discusses the patience of his mother with our Community Manager, Anthony John Agnello (@ajohnagnello).

Listen to the MP3

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Latest Halo: Master Chief Collection update addresses matchmaking, stability, more

Halo: The Master Chief Collection has been plagued with matchmaking problems since its initial launch, but a fresh update from developer 343 Industries' should be available the next time you boot up the game. As detailed on Halo Waypoint, the 523 MB patch focuses on "a number of matchmaking issues, fixes various bugs related to UI and the party system, and also improves overall stability."

While a bulletpoint breakdown of the update can be found after the break, highlights include tweaks to how the matchmaking system handles pairing, a change so that custom game settings remain applied to followup matches, and efforts to improve stability both for the user interface and for parties trying to find a match.

Previous updates have also addressed matchmaking issues, but The Master Chief Collection has yet to reach a stable state for many players. 343 Industries head Bonnie Ross has vowed to "make this right with our fans" once the The Master Chief Collection's persisting issues have been resolved.
[Image: Microsoft]

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WRUP: Game of the Year 2014? Go!

We've reviewed a lot of games in 2014 and it's time for the Joystiq crew to begin their annual battle for their favorites to compose the "Top 10" of the year. Those that don't make it are honored in our "Best of the Rest." So, let's hear it from you, what are the tops of the year?

What's everyone playing this weekend?

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Titanfall update brings co-op to Xbox 360 next week

The Xbox 360 version of Titanfall will receive update number eight next Monday, December 1, Respawn Entertainment announced. The update adds Frontier Defense to the game, Titanfall's cooperative multiplayer mode that arrived on PC and Xbox One just over one month ago. Frontier Defense puts a team of four players in charge of defending a "vital objective" from waves of enemies, which increase in difficulty with each mob.

Like the update last month, next week's patch also introduces ranked online play to the first-person shooter, which features Rank Chips that act as "expensive pedometers," measuring players' activity in Titanfall and occasionally doling out rewards. Rank Chips can be turned off at any point, so the ranked play system isn't map-specific. The update also adds new Titan insignias and a full-screen mini-map option to the game.

All of the Lights: Many curious uses for the PS4 light bar

Sony is no stranger to idiosyncratic hardware design. Nintendo and Sega put analog sticks on their controllers in the '90s? Sony adds on an extra stick and redefines console controllers. Touch screens are de rigueur? Sony slaps a touch surface on the front and back of PS Vita. The PlayStation 4 is a sleek piece of modern consumer tech design, but even it's got its quirks.

Case in point: the Dualshock 4 light bar. Every PS4 controller looks like KITT from Knight Rider, with a giant oblate spheroid of light pulsing on the front. Not just good for running down the battery, the light bar actually performs some unusual functions in a variety of games. Below the break is a taster's choice selection of memorable light bar uses from the PlayStation 4's first year of games. After browsing that, take our poll and discuss the light bar's career in the comments.

[Images: Sony]

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EA once again earns perfect score in LGBT workplace equality

Eight months after losing the dubious title of 'Worst Company in America' for the first time in three years, Human Rights Campaign has recognized EA for its commitment to promoting LGBT equality by awarding the publisher a 100 percent score in its latest Corporate Equality Index. This marks the third consecutive year in which EA has earned a perfect score.

EA cites an expanded presence at numerous Pride Parades throughout the past year as well as its long-running commitment to barring any sort of discrimination from its offices as key to being recognized by the HRC for a third straight year. "We are very honored to be recognized again as a 'Best Place to Work'," said EA's head of diversity and inclusion Andre Chambers. "We believe that fostering an inclusive environment helps us to create great games, and represent our diverse set of players and I'm proud to work at a company that has strong employee values."
[Image: EA]

Persona Q DLC schedule and price points

Persona Q players, listen up. Atlus has laid out the game's DLC release schedule, including prices for each piece. Persona Q launched yesterday, alongside a free bit of DLC, the Kaguya sub-Persona.

Available on December 2, the sub-Persona Orpheus Telos is free, while Magatsu Izanagi and Thanatos are $2 apiece. On December 9, players will be able to purchase Margaret, Elizabeth and Theodore navigator voices for $3 each. On December 16, Marie and Nanako voices will be available for $3 each.

Atlus has also released a series of four videos designed to help players navigate the labyrinths. See those below. Also, check out our review of Persona Q – overall, we found it to be "excellent."
[Image: Atlus]

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Report: Pokemon ORAS tops three million sales in three days

If the past two decades of endless merchandising, cartoons and video games haven't tipped you off, people really like Pokemon. So much so that the latest entries in the core roleplaying series, Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, have reportedly sold over three million copies in their first three days of availability.

Famitsu reports (via Siliconera translation) that between the game's November 21 launch and November 24, Japanese consumers purchased over 1.5 million copies of either Pokemon Omega Ruby or Pokemon Alpha Sapphire. Other regions, including North America and Australia, contributed another 1.5 million sales, bringing the three-day total to above three million units sold. Those impressive sales figures could have been even higher, but Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire won't be released in Europe until November 28.

Not just a sales success, our recent review awarded Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire 4.5 of 5 stars. "Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire do little to overhaul the major pillars of a series that's long relied on the same set of classic ideas, but they don't have to," it reads. "The core mechanics of Pokemon remain immensely addictive, and Game Freak's latest coat of polish only enhances an already captivating adventure."

Games with Gold December: Worms, The Raven, SSX

Like its PlayStation Plus counterpart, Xbox Live's Games With Gold service will feature a new roster of free games available to subscribers during December.

Xbox One owners will be able to download anthropomorphic annelid strategy game Worms: Battlegrounds throughout the month. Xbox 360 owners can download point and click adventure The Raven: Legacy of a Master Thief from December 1 through December 15. On December 16, The Raven is replaced by EA Sports' physics-defying snowboarding franchise reboot SSX.

As usual, these free games are only available to Xbox Live Gold subscribers. Three month subscriptions to the service are available at $25 while 12-month subscriptions can be purchased for $60.
[Image: EA]

Hitman HD, Deadly Premonition join December's free PS Plus slate

Sony already mentioned that PlayStation 4 owners with subscriptions to PlayStation Plus will receive gratis access to both Secret Ponchos and Injustice: Gods Among Us in December, but this morning we learned of the other four games joining the service that month.

PlayStation 3 owners with active PlayStation Plus subscriptions will have access to both bizarre horror game Deadly Premonition: The Director's Cut and the Hitman HD Trilogy, an upgraded re-release of Hitman 2, Hitman: Contracts and Hitman: Blood Money. Vita owners will also receive two games: tower defense strategy game Final Horizon and neo-retro shooter Titan Attacks.

As always, these free games are only available to those with active PlayStation Plus subscriptions. A one month subscription is priced at $10, while a year-long subscription features a $50 price tag. Sony has all the information you need to sign up at its online store.
[Image: Ignition Entertainment]


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Super Joystiq Podcast 123: Persona Q, Tales from the Borderlands, Escape Dead Island

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