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Farewell and good-bye

As some of you might have discovered already, the main Big Download site is now being redirected to our sister site Joystiq. The reason for this is that unfortunately this site is being closed after three years of operations. It's been a great ride to give all of our readers the most up to date news and features on the PC game industry and we hope all of you have enjoyed coming to the site as much as we have had working on it.

Going forward, our free and fast download service will continue to live on via Joystiq. PC game news will continue to be covered on Joystiq and our sister site Massively will also continue to cover the MMO beat which is still largely a PC game platform. And yes, WoW Insider is still going to be around with the best coverage on perhaps the biggest exclusive PC game, World of Warcraft.

We want to give our thanks to all of you who have visited Big Download for the past three years. Remember, the PC game platform, despite all those who have considered it to be dead, remains the single biggest game platform there is. We know all of you will continue to support PC gaming, from the small one man indie titles to the massive multi-million dollar budget blockbusters. Again, thanks for coming and keep playing.

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