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Volition's founder to depart developer

The founder of Campaign, Illinois developer Volition, Mike Kulas, has announced that he will depart the company this coming Monday. The local newspaper-based web site News-Gazette.com states that Kulas is leaving the developer voluntarily and his decision to go was not based on any particular event.

Kulas co-founded Volition's predecessor Parallax Software in 1993 which first gained fame with the release of the first two Descent games for Interplay. The company later re-branded itself as Volition and went onto make a sizable number of games, including the Freespace, Red Faction and Saints Row series of titles. THQ acquired the company in 2000. Kulas said he has no immediate plans for what he will do next in his career. His role at Volition will be taken over by Dan Cermak, who has been a vice-president at the developer since 2003.

[Via Gamasutra]

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