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League of Legends devs admit to delays for upcoming Magma Chamber map

Last September, developer Riot Games announced plans to add a new 5v5 map, Magma Chamber, to its popular online action-RTS game League of Legends. Since then, however, the developer hasn't mentioned the status of the new map. In a new article at PC Gamer's web site, the game's producer Travis George admits that announcing the new map at that time may have been premature.

He states, "We learned a couple things from [designing] Magma Chamber. [For one,] we have a really high internal standard for quality." Riot Games' president Marc Merrill added, "We probably feel the pain [of Magma Chamber still being unreleased] far more than anybody else does. We're our [own] harshest critics." However there's still no word on when, or even if, this new map will be released.


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