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Monday Night Combat for PC gets a chicken; a GIANT CHICKEN!

Monday Night Combat for the the PC just got a new free automatic content update via Steam. The multiplayer shooter from Uber Entertainment has added a new Crossfire map, Uncle Tully's Funland, to the game. The map comes with a new spawn creature, Chickey Cantor. And yes, he's a chicken, a GIANT CHICKEN! (Cue Warner Bros. Animation theme song).

Chickey Cantor can give your team big single-life buff if you shoot him and make him fly away. He can also be ridden for eight seconds for extra money. New bot spawn buttons have also been added for Jackbots, Black Jacks, Slims, Scramblers, Gremlins, Gapshots and Bouncers. The full patch list can be seen at the Uber Entertainment web site. You can also check out a trailer showcasing the features after the jump


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