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Humble Bundle team getting $4.7 million in venture capital funding

The "pay what you want" business model for selling game has gotten the interest of venture capital companies. The Fortune web site reports that according to a recent regulatory filing, the Humble Bundle team has received a whopping $4.7 million in such funding. The team, John Graham and Jeff Rosen, have yet to officially comment on the funding move.

So far the Humble Bundle team have launched three such "pay what you want" bundle sales for indie games, including the current Humble Frozenbyte Bundle that will end this Tuesday. The first two bundles went over $1 million in revenues and the current bundle has generated over $700,000 in sales. The fact that this kind of business is bringing in outside funding indicates that at least some people believe that offering such a business model can generate profits at some point for the organizer of such bundles.


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