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Star Wars The Old Republic's upcoming third prose novel brings back Revan

Star Wars The Old Republic hasn't been released yet but BioWare's long awaited MMO is already the subject of two prose novels (Star Wars: The Old Republic: Fatal Alliance and Star Wars: The Old Republic: Deceived). Today the games official web site has announced a third novel is in works and it features a character from BioWare's original Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic single player RPG.

That character, which some of you have guess from the novel's cover art on the right, is Revan. One of the most popular characters from BioWare's first Star Wars game, author Drew Karpyshyn (who helped create the character) will show the Jedi Knight/Sith after the events of the first game and though and after the events of that game's sequel. While the novel will take place well before the events of The Old Republic MMO Karpyshyn says in an interview, " ... the events of this book have a major impact on shaping The Old Republic universe." Look for Star Wars The Old Republic Revan to be released later this year.


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