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The Final Hours Of Portal 2 article goes live ... as an $1.99 iPad app

An extensive behind-the-scenes feature on the making of Portal 2 is now available to read, but at the moment the only format for the article is via downloading an app for the Apple iPad. GameTrailers.com host Geoff Keighley is doing something a little different for his feature The Final Hours of Portal 2.

The article can be downloaded for the iPad via iTunes for $1.99. For that amount you get a huge 15,000 word feature that shines a spotlight on all of the development behind Valve's hit puzzle shooter sequel. It chronicles Valve's efforts to make the game, including a canceled plan to make a prequel to Portal set in the 1950, via exclusive photos, videos and other "interactive experiences". It will be interesting to see if this experiment in game journalism is a sales success. There's no word if the app will be made available for other platforms.


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