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Exclusive: Petroglyph reveals new immortal, Nysuss, for Rise of Immortals

Earlier this year developer Petroglyph announced Rise of Immortals, its free-to-play entry in the growing game genre made popular by titles like Defense of the Ancients. Today Petroglyph sent Big Download an exclusive first look at one of the game's hero units, or "immortals". This character is called Nysuss and as you can see in the included screenshots from the game she a bit similar in terms of her looks to the Medusa creature from Greek myths.

You can check out a back story on Nysuss along with her power and abilities after the jump. Rise of Immortals is currently in closed beta testing and will officially launch later in 2011.
Little is known of the ferocious she-demon known as Nysuss, other than she is a demigoddess and came to Graxia from an unknown hell-plane. Many suspect that she's the Destroyer of Worlds and has come to Graxia to oversee its final destruction. What is known is that Nysuss was summoned by a secret clan of mages. The mages once belonged to the Sunspire Clan, but when they dabbled in the forbidden arts, they were exiled and forced to live at the bottom of the Eternal Pool. The summoning of Immortals gave them an opportunity to reassert themselves in the world and exact their revenge. All they care about is path of death and destruction that Nysuss will sow across Graxia.

Power and abilities

Gaze of Destruction: Nysuss hurls a concentrated force of destructive fire at an enemy, damaging them with magic and afflicting them with Destructive Flame.
Hellfire Arrow: Once activated, every auto-attack fires a devastating Hellfire Arrow. Crafted from the depths of the demon world, these arrows deal attack damage plus bonus magic damage to the target.
Soul Steal: A passive ability where Nysuss kills an enemy, she steals their soul, storing it for other uses. Each soul increases Nysuss's base attack damage.
Dance of Carnage: Nysuss consumes the souls she has stored to a fire a deathly bolt at an enemy champion, dealing base magic damage per soul charge consumed. Target is also afflicted with Fallen Grasp, reducing their movement speed for a few seconds.
Wrath of the Fallen: Level 25 ability...


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