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Stardock CEO looking for feedback from fans for possible Demigod sequel

Two years ago this month, developer Gas Powered Games and publisher Stardock released Demigod, a fantasy action-RTS game that got hit with multiplayer issues that made the game unplayable online for several weeks. However the game has retained a dedicated following and sequel plans have been hinted at for a while.

In a recent forum post, Stardock CEO Brad Wardell told forum members, "It's time to start thinking about (Demigod's) future." He asked questions like, "For a Demigod expansion, what would you do in that?" and "For a Demigod sequel, what would you do in that?". In a later post on the same thread, Wardell states, "Stardock is trying to determine its next-generation game lineup. A Demigod sequel is one possibility."

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