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Digital Illusions: Consoles are holding PC games back

One of the big games of 2011 will be Battlefield 3 and the first person shooter's developer Digital Illusions has made no bones about stating that the PC port of the game will be the lead platform with the console versions being developed around the PC port. In a new interview over at Nvidia's GeForce.com web site, the game's executive producer Patrick Bach believes that consoles are in fact holding the development of PC games back.

He states, "Most games are actually still based on the same core idea that the consoles are your focus, the superior platform or something. I don't know why. That was the truth 5 years ago, but the world has moved on." He says that PCs are much more powerful, hardware wise, than consoles, and few PC games truly take advantage of all that hardware.

He says, "So for our target of what we want to hit, we are now using the more powerful platform to try and prove what we see gaming being in the future rather than using the lowest common denominator, instead of developing it for the consoles and then just adding higher resolution textures and anti-aliasing for the PC version. We're do it the other way around, we start with the highest-end technology that we can come up with and then scale it back to the consoles."

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