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Humble Frozenbyte Bundle generates over $400,000 in first 24 hours

The third "pay what you want" game sale event from the folks behind the previous two Humble Indie Bundle deals is doing very well. The Humble Frozenbyte Bundle has generated over $400,000 in revenue in its first 24 hours.

While that number is actually below the $500,000 generated by the second Humble Indie Bundle deal in its first 24 hours, that money was given to several game developers plus two charities. This new deal's revenues will go to just one developer, Frozenbyte, along with the charities. Just a reminder: The deal lets you pay what you want for the two titles in the Shadowgrounds sci-fi top down shooter series, the fantasy platformer-puzzle game Trine, the previously unreleased game prototype Jack Claw, and the upcoming game Splot.


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