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Rumor: Could Gothic game franchise go back to Piranha Bytes?

The first three game in publisher JoWood's Gothic fantasy RPG series were developed by Piranha Bytes. Then the fourth game in the series, Arcania: Gothic 4, was developed by Spellbound while Piranha Bytes went on to make another open world fantasy RPG series Risen.

Now a fan site's interview with Piranha Bytes' co-founder Mike Hoge has opened up the possibility that the developer will be working on the Gothic series again. According to Hoge's statement, "We get the rights to Gothic back when we have finished Risen 2. Why? Because we did only sell them to our ex-publisher for a certain amount of time ;)."

However another Piranha Bytes team member, Michael Rüve, posted up word (in German) on the World of Players message board that Hoge's statements should perhaps not be taken at face value. There's also the fact that JoWood is currently in serious financial troubles and have delayed two of its upcoming games indefinitely.

[Via Blue's News]

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