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APB Reloaded's blog site offers up another beta update

APB Reloaded's official blog site continues to post updates on the status of this first person shooter MMO's revival. Gamersfirst's Bjorn Book-Larsson breaks down the schedule of when the current closed beta test will turn into the game's open beta time period.

In short, the game will still be in closed beta mode for a while as the development team tries to fix a number of issues. However they plan to invite more people to the closed beta tests soon, followed by everyone who signed up to test the game. If everything works as planned, all closed beta testers will be given access to the game's Premium level for 24 to 48 hours, followed by activating the game's micro-transaction content. Once that is clear the floodgate will open and everyone will be able to play in the game's open beta test.

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