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Dirt 3 to get interesting party style modes

Dirt 3 is due out on May 24 but the off-road racing sim from developer-publisher Codemasters has some interesting tricks up its sleeve for its fans this time. Rock Paper Shotgun has some details of three new "party" modes that take the racing game to some interesting directions.

An example is Outbreak where one car is "infected" and can touch other cars to make them infected as well. The last car who isn't touched by the infected cars is the winner. Another mode is Transporter, a variation of Capture the Flag where the flag tend to spawn in different and random locations.

Our favorite is Invasion where we will be called upon to defend the earth against robots. Well, the robots are cardboard cutouts but you get the idea. The goal is to run over these robots without hitting the (also cardboard) skyscrapers as well.


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