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Star Ruler to be pulled from Impulse because of GameStop sale

When Big Download spoke to Stardock's Brad Wardell last week about selling the Impulse part of the business to game retailer GameStop he told us that the sale was a win for PC gamers. But at least one indie game developer sees things differently.

Blind Mind Studios, the developers of the indie space strategy game Star Ruler, have announced on its web site that it will pull the game off of the Impulse service once Impulse is under GameStop's control. According to the statement, Blind Mind Studios is making this decision "due to GameStop's long, negative behavior toward the PC platform and independent games. We would never have signed onto distribution through GameStop, and being forced into this situation has only made it worse for us. We feel GameStop cannot serve as the leader of a true competitor in the digital distribution market."

The developer hopes that people who have already purchased the game on Impulse will continue to receive automatic updates. Big Download has emailed both Stardock and GameStop for comment.

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