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This Week In PC Games: April 4-10

After a very busy March for major PC game releases, things slow down a bit for the first full week of April with several smaller downloadable PC games due to be released.

Dino D-Day: This game, which first started life as a Half-Life 2 mod, has one of the more colorful premises we have ever seen. The multiplayer shooter's back story has the Nazi's in WWII creating weapon-based dinosaurs which the Allies have to fight off. The game's developers at 800 North have already promised that this game will get lots of free content after its release on April 8.

Gallery: Dino D-Day

Anomaly: Warzone Earth: This debut title from 11 Bit Studios is a top down tower defense game that has you trying to defend Earth against an alien invasion.
Horde: This downloadable top down action game, originally released for the PC, has you controlling a dragon that wrecks havoc on the fantasy world below.
Shadow Harvest: Phantom Ops: This combo of first person shooter and RTS games takes place in the near future with a special ops team fighting to stop a war in Mogadishu.
Battlefield Play4Free - Electronic Arts's latest free-to-play game is a first person shooter with a more realistic look than the previously launched Battlefield Heroes.
Darkest Hour: A Hearts of Iron Game - Paradox releases this stand alone strategy game based on Hearts of Iron 2 but with lots of changes and additions.


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