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Stardock's Brad Wardell reveals more about Impulse sale to GameStop

One of the many big news stories today was the reveal that game retailer GameStop will be acquiring the Impulse PC game download business from Stardock. Today Big Download and our sister site Joystiq got a chance to chat with Stardock CEO Brad Wardell to find out more about the newly revealed deal.

Wardell told us that the idea of selling Impulse began when it became clear that the download service was generating more and more revenue for Stardock. He told us that he did not have any desires to run a larger company and as such the deal with GameStop to sell off the Impulse business came at a good time. Wardell told the deal is a win for PC gamers as a whole as GameStop is moving more and more aggressively into the PC game download business.

While specifics of the deal were not disclosed Wardell did say that all of Stardock's Impulse team members would now be GameStop employees. He also said that Impulse and its team members would be moving in the coming months out of Stardock's offices in Plymouth, Michigan to GameStop's headquarters in Dallas, Texas. There will not be any layoffs at Stardock due to this deal, according to Wardell. He also told us that for the foreseeable future all of Stardock's internal and third party games would continue to be released exclusively via Impulse under the new GameStop owners.

The Impulse web site has also posted up an FAQ page answering common questions about the GameStop acquisition. For Impulse account holders, the FAQ page states, "There will be no disruption in service to existing or newly created accounts. Impulse will continue to function as normal for existing and new customers. Your current purchases will continue to be available through Impulse, Inc. "

Finally Wardell said the Impulse acquisition by GameStop was indeed one of the three major announcements that he hinted at in Stardock's recent public report that would be made this year. He would not comment at all on what the other two announcements would be like.


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