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Pi Studios' current operational status unclear

Original Story: Big Download has learned via unnamed but reliable sources that Pi Studios, the Houston-Texas based game development studio, closed its doors a few weeks ago. The sources did not tell us why the studio has shut down. Attempts to call a contact number for the studio resulted in hearing a message saying the number has been disconnected.

Pi Studios was founded in 2002 and has worked on a number of console and PC game projects, mostly in collaboration with other developers. For the PC, the company helped with the development of the first Call of Duty game's expansion pack United Offensive and also helped to port Halo 2 to the PC.

While Pi Studios may be closed, some members of the company have already helped to form a new game development team, Category 6 Studios that's also based in Houston. When contacted by Big Download the studio's president Kenn Hoekstra would not comment about Pi Studios' shutdown. We have emailed Pi Studios to get an official response.

Update: Additional investigation by Big Download and our sister site Joystiq has uncovered conflicting reports as to the operational status of the Pi Studios business. Pi Studios may still be partially operational but the extent of its operations remains unclear. Big Download and Joystiq have once again reached out to Pi Studios for an official response.


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