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Blackout announced by Category 6 Studios

As we reported earlier, the Houston-based game developer Pi Studios's current status is unclear. However a number of the studio's former members have already picked themselves up and along with others formed a new Houston, Texas based game development company, Category 6 Studios.

Big Download chatted briefly with the company's co-founder and president Kenn Hoekstra who told us that the studio currently has about 15 team members. Hoekstra himself is a long time veteran of the game industry. Before Catagory 6 Studios and Pi Studios he was one of the lead designers at Raven Software where he helped to make the Soldier of Fortune games, Star Wars Jedi Knight II and other titles.

The team is already working on its first game, an original title called Blackout. Hoekstra told Big Download that while the team is keeping the details to themselves for now he did reveal that Blackout is being developed as a survival horror themed first person shooter for the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 using the Unreal engine. We will naturally stay in touch with the company in the months ahead.

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