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Wednesday's Direct2Drive PC game sales include a vote for Thursday's discount

Valve seems to have skipped this week in terms of offering a "mid-week madness" sale on Steam. We wonder what that might mean. In any case other sites are offering sales today.
  • Direct2Drive is offering a 15 percent discount for a number of recently released PC games from now until April 4. The games on sale include titles like Crysis 2, Dragon Age 2, Total War Shogun 2 and more. You must put in the promo code "MARCHMADNESS" at checkout to get the discount.
  • Direct2Drive is also offering a sale for today only for Alien Shooter 2 for just $3.98.
  • Direct2Drive is also letting folks vote on its Facebook page on which game should get a big discount on Thursday: Crysis 2 or Dragon Age 2.


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