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Virtua Tennis 4 confirmed for PC release this summer

It's becoming a rare thing to see a pure sports game released for the PC platform but Sega is stepping up to the court, announcing plans for a PC version of Virtua Tennis 4, the latest game in the publisher's popular pro tennis game series.

The latest game will feature players going up against virtual version of star tennis players like Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer and others. Players can create their own tennis stars and put them throught the new World Tour Mode campaign mode. Look for multiplayer online features and the wacky Virtua Tennis mini-games are back as well where players will be able to compete in events such as rescuing chickens. Yes we said rescuing chickens. The PC port will be released later this summer via digital download for the US and Europe. Europe will also have the game released as a retail box version.

[Via Blue's News]


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