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APB Reloaded blog update talks about matchmaking and hacks

APB Reloaded is still not yet ready for its open beta test but the development team at GamersFirst are learning a lot from the current closed beta to the upcoming MMO FPS revival. In the latest official blog update, its revealed that the game will be getting a much better matchmaking and skill system compared to the original title developed by Realtime Worlds.

The blog post goes into detail on what kinds of skill and matchmaking systems the development team is working on, saying, "We are fixing all this as one of the reasonably early Open Beta tasks (not the very first OB release, but in the second round of OB or so)." There's also a mention that a very small number of hackers have found their way into the closed beta. The blog post states, "Thanks to your hard cheating work, we are now much better equipped to deal with you going forward. How? I guess you will find out."


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