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Avalanche CEO: Fight PC game piracy with better games

Avalanche Studios' CEO Christofer Sundberg has a strong distaste for DRM set-ups in PC games. The head of the studio behind the Just Cause open world game series told Computer and Video Games, "I think piracy wouldn't be as much of an issue if there were better PC games out there. We could just scrap the whole concept of stupid DRM." Indeed he hates the very idea of DRM in games, saying " ... Forcing people to be online all the time and so on doesn't show respect to the people who actually buy PC games."

Sundberg also doesn't care for PC ports of console games, saying, "You end up just doing a port, so there's not a lot of time, budget or creative thinking going into using the PC." He adds, "I would like at some point to do a really good PC game designed specifically for PC players."

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