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Crysis 2 for PC gets day 1 patch; no DirectX 11 graphics support at launch

Folks who have bought and installed Crysis 2 on their PC gaming rigs today have a couple of unexpected twists. The first is a day 1 patch for Crytek's first person shooter that automatically downloads when you first start the game. The MyCrysis.com community message boards has a patch list of what's fixed or changed including re-enabling the console and putting in cheat detection.

The other unexpected news is that at the moment Crysis 2 does not yet support DirectX 11 graphics. While the game still looks good even in its current DirectX 9 version, PC gamers who have high end hardware will likely be disappointed that all the promised bells and whistles are not in place. We have emailed the game's publisher Electronic Arts to find out when Crysis 2 will be updated with the promised DirectX 11 support.

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