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Blizzard: Diablo III could cannibalize World of Warcraft's player base

Many people have assumed that the next MMO game from Blizzard (the one code-named Project Titan) will be the one MMO that will finally take away players from Blizzard's hit MMO World of Warcraft. But according to Blizzard co-founder Frank Pearce it could be another upcoming game from the developer that could pull World of Warcraft players away.

Talking to Gamasutra he states, "I think even a shorter-term concern is whether or not we might see cannibalization of WoW players from Diablo III when we launch it, because it's a similar type of experience. Not exactly similar, but it's that RPG feel." Pearce doesn't have an issue with this happening, saying, " ... because if we cannibalize them ourselves, they're still a Blizzard customer." Now all we need for Blizzard to do is give Diablo III a release date.

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