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Duke Nukem Forever's multiplayer features revealed

duke nukem forever
While the revival of Duke Nukem Forever has mostly concentrated on the single player campaign, the long awaited first person shooter will also have multiplayer modes. The official Xbox Magazine has the first details about multiplayer for DNF (supplied by developer Piranha Games) and the fan site Duke4.net has posted up some (most likely illegal) scans of the magazine's story.

Much like the recent Call of Duty and Battlefield games, multiplayer matches in Duke Nukem Forever will allow players to have persistent stats and leveling up of their player characters. Unfortunately the player cap for the Xbox port is 8 players (it might be bigger for the PC version)
Multiplayer will include access to the jetpack which won't be in the single player campaign. There's all the old favorite weapons from Duke Nukem 3D including the HoloDuke which adds one neat feature; while using HoloDuke your character is now cloaked.

There will be 10 maps at launch and four modes: Dukematch, Team Dukematch, Hail to the King (basically King of the Hill mode) and our favorite Capture the Babe. Yes, it's CTF with the flag turned into a lady who can sometimes freak out while your player character is holding her. The maps will include a revival of Duke Nukem 3D's Duke Burger level, except that the players appear to be miniatures running around in a giant world. A multiplayer demo is planned for release before the game ships in early May.

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