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ESRB: Only 5 percent of games in US in 2010 were "M" rated

The US video-PC ratings system, run by the Entertainment Software Ratings Board, has posted up the percentages of games for each ESRB rating for 2010. As is the case with every year, the "M" rating was only put on 5 percent of all 1,638 US games in 2010 rated by the ESRB.

By far the biggest game rating percentage went to the "E" (for Everyone) rating with 55 percent of US games given that stamp by the ESRB. 18 percent of games got the "E 10+" (Everyone 10 and up) rating while 21 percent of games got the "T" (for Teen) rating. Only 1 percent of games in 2010 got the "EC" (Early Childhood) rating.

While games with "M" ratings make up only a small percentage of total games published in the US it must be said that many "M" rated games sell extremely well such as last year's best selling game Call of Duty Black Ops.


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