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This Week In PC Games: March 14-20

Two big games head to stores and via download this week and they couldn't be more different; one is a first person shooter with a near-future bent while the other takes us back several hundred years to a time of samurai.

Homefront: THQ has been promoting the heck out of this first person shooter from developer Kaos Studios as its entry into the genre made popular by the Call of Duty series. The premise: It's the near future and the United States is suffering from a full scale invasion by North Korea. Digital Extremes developed the PC port with a lot of PC specific features and enhancements.
total war shogun 2
Total War: Shogun 2: Developer The Creative Assembly returns to feudal Japan in its latest game in the historical RTS series. As with previous installments, players will be able to control hundreds of units on screen in both single and multiplayer campaign battles.


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